Haley Lu Richardson recalls ‘overwhelming’ Marvel audition

Haley Lu Richardson admitted it was “overwhelming” committing to a part without seeing a script.

Haley Lu Richardson once had an “overwhelming” audition for a Marvel character.

During an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, The White Lotus actress revealed that she has auditioned for “quite a few” superhero characters but has never progressed far enough in the process to wear the costume.

“I did do a big screen test for a Marvel character, and there was like real cameras there and they did our hair and make-up and stuff,” she recalled. “But they just directed us in what kind of street clothes to wear, like what colours and stuff, we didn’t actually get in a superhero costume.”

The 28-year-old explained that the experience of auditioning for superhero movies is “overwhelming” because “you’re just committing to something, and you haven’t even seen a script”.

And because superhero characters pop up in multiple films and TV shows nowadays, Haley explained that actors have to sign a contract securing them for “seven years of literally whatever (the studio) want you for”.

“So there’s something that’s really exciting if you feel like all the other things align,” she added, citing the director, the producers and the character. “It’s something that you could just like trust and throw yourself into. But it is a lot.”

It was widely publicised that Haley auditioned for the DC movie Batgirl but lost out on the role to Leslie Grace. She admitted she was “very excited” to be a contender for the part, particularly as it would have been “pretty cool” to have J.K. Simmons as her onscreen father.

Warner Bros. executives famously decided to scrap the release of Batgirl last year, despite spending millions making the movie.

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