Gareth Edwards conceived The Creator as a ‘one-off movie’

Gareth Edwards is not interested in creating a franchise.

Director Gareth Edwards conceived The Creator as a “self-contained” film.

In the British filmmaker’s original sci-fi movie, John David Washington plays an ex-special forces agent tasked with hunting down and kill the creator of a mysterious weapon.

During a virtual press conference for the film, the Rogue One director insisted he wasn’t interested in creating a franchise.

“When I’m trying to figure out a story, I’m always working backwards from the end to try and get it to be this climax as much as possible and everything sort of leads to that moment. This is self-contained,” he stated. “It’s not on my agenda, I’m not really interested in doing that (making a sequel), it’s a one-off movie.”

Edwards noted that his decision wasn’t a reflection on the moviemaking process and it would be a “high-class problem” if 20th Century Studios asked for more movies.

“As much as I love the world that it all exists in and it was amazing to design and build everything and shot it all over in these beautiful countries, but… it would be a high-class problem to have the studio to come up and tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey Gareth, you’ve got to think of something, you know, we need a sequel,'” he continued.

Edwards joked that he will retract his statement if The Creator is a huge success and quipped, “I always intended it to be a trilogy!”

The Creator will be released in cinemas on Friday 29 September.

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