Florence Pugh hopes to work with Zach Braff again

Don’t Worry Darling actress Florence Pugh has shared that, despite having revealed her breakup with Zach Braff in August 2023, she would still make another film with him.

Florence Pugh has expressed her desire to work with Zach Braff again.

While speaking to Extra for an interview published on Wednesday, the Don’t Worry Darling star revealed that though she and her boyfriend of three years had split, she wouldn’t rule out the possibility of working with him on another film following the release of A Good Person.

When asked whether she would work with Zach again after breaking up, Florence told the outlet, “I hope so. It was a blast. We had a lot of fun and we created something that we’re very, very proud of. The people that were involved in this movie, we made this family and we made this work and it came from our souls, so I can only wish that we have this experience again.”

Zach added, “I would love to. We just really are a good team.”

The former Scrubs actor wrote the movie for Florence to star in during the Covid-19 lockdown when they lived together in Los Angeles. He directed the movie, which was filmed in late 2021, and they split in early 2022.

Explaining how Florence gave her input on his ideas, Zach recalled, “We were in lockdown together and we were constantly talking over dinner, over everything, we would just banter back and forth. She was always very supportive.”

He continued, “She was never like, ‘Why are you doing that?’ She was like, ‘Oh, well, tell me more about it.’ It made sense to bring her on as a producer because she was giving me notes and thoughts that were very valuable.”

Florence and Zach met in 2019 while working on the short film, In the Time It Takes to Get There, and began dating shortly after.

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