John Wick

Who says real men don't wear polo necks?
5/10 - A must-see for action fans which offers little for anyone else.
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Sunday, October 4, 2015
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Keanu Reeves gives the fight of his life in this full-throttle action flick.


When an animal appears within the first few scenes of a movie it's usually a sign of bad things to come, which is definitely the case with John Wick.

Don't be overly concerned though, as the dog's owner is a hard-punching vengeance machine, who won't take any acts of spite lying down.

Bear in mind that this is an old school action romp - which means the storyline is a deep and distant second to the plethora of fight scenes.

Why bother with reams of dialogue when you can let your fists do the talking after all?

Keanu Reeves stars as the lead, a hitman who puts Liam Neeson's ageing action hero characters to shame.

At 50 the star is in better shape than most men half his age, which is lucky because boy are his muscles put to the test.

The film begins with a retired John mourning the loss of his wife. After the funeral he's back at home when a package arrives for him - it's a puppy his late beloved arranged to have delivered once she'd passed away so her husband had something to love.

Something other than his '69 Mustang Mach 1. So already we've been introduced to the two things which John loves most in the world...

Cut to a gang of Russian mobsters who threaten to ruthlessly cut everything of any worth from John's life.

What's a guy to do? Well John might have gone straight when he tied the knot but luckily he had the forward-thinking to keep all the traps of his former life hidden beneath the floorboards in his home.

He also cunningly hung on to his special assassin suit; seeing him all suited and booted will be a heads up to the bad guys that he's back in business. Phew!

What transpires is the age old game of cat and mouse that has been played out many times on screen.

A furious John is hell-bent on destroying Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), the smart-mouthed and arrogant son of Russian gangster Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist).

Initially not too worried by the thought of a man old enough to be his father hunting him down, Iosef soon realises John is on a murder mission with him as his target.

Cue fighting, shooting and all out bloody warfare. And lots of conversations conducted in half Russian, half English.

This film boils down to a simple question: are you a fan of action movies or not?

If you're not too bothered this will do nothing to convince you otherwise, as it adds little to the genre. Those who do enjoy seeing grown men pummelling each other into surrender will likely enjoy the slickly choreographed fight sequences. 

If you don't you're in trouble though - this film is light on dialogue because who needs to spend time talking when you could just batter your adversary into submission?

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