The Internship

Nick and Billy couldn't help feeling psyched by the bik
7/10. If you loved Wedding Crashers this is sure to "get you psyched".
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Internship sees funnymen Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up once again, but have they still got what it takes?


The news that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were reuniting on the big screen spread quicker than you can say Wedding Crashers. In the 2005 release they played a pair of womanisers who sneaked into strangers' weddings in the hope of hooking up with hot women. This time around they're starring as friends who attempt to reinvent their careers in The Internship. But eight years on, are they still able to capture that on-screen magic?

The opening sees the pair cruising to a business meeting with their "get psyched mix" blasting from the car. A sharp exchange of dialogue coupled with arms flailing out of the soft-top car makes for a hilarious scene, although it's a shame that this is probably the highlight of the movie.

To paraphrase: Owen plays Nick Campbell, while Vince is Billy McMahon, two salesmen who see their career spontaneously combust thanks to the internet. There is a brief and ill-feted dalliance with selling mattresses, which plays out better than it sounds thanks to a cameo for curly-haired funnyman Will Ferrell, before the pair decide that to make it big they need to go digital. A Skype interview with Google executives is amusing if a little try hard, after which Nick and Billy begin to compete for a job with the internet giant.

The majority of the rest of the film plays as you would expect - two 40-something men who are allergic to technology are vying for a job at the biggest internet company around, with their competition a bunch of hipsters in their late teens and early 20s. Add in the stereotypical geeks, popular set and depressed nerds and so far so funny. Plus we mustn't forget the love interest, who comes in the form of Google executive Dana, played by Rose Byrne. Nick becomes enamoured with her and although it may sound clichéd, their anti-date, in which he purposefully mocks her, hits on their waitress and generally acts like a self-centred idiot, is one of The Internship's funniest scenes.

Although there are bits of this film which raise a smile, the main issues is that it seems dated. Those looking forward to seeing the Vince and Owen dream team reunited will likely be happy, as it seems nothing much has moved on in the last eight years. Even the subject matter isn't that cutting edge - stories of how well Google treats its employees have been around for years, so Billy overly helping himself to the free food was obvious, not sharp.

That said, there are some moments where The Internship will make you laugh - although as most of these are in the trailer, maybe don't watch that if you want a surprise. Putting something "on the line" is surely a phrase we can all imagine our parents saying and for all its obviousness, you will find yourself rooting for Nick and Billy to succeed. You'll enjoy The Internship, but we can't help feeling this comedy pair could have done better.

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