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6/10 - Watch with an open mind, and you'll soon find yourself engrossed in the action and second guessing your every move thereafter!
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Friday, April 19, 2019
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When lonely widow Greta becomes obsessed with young waitress Frances, the New Yorker's life is turned upside-down.


When Chloe Grace Moretz signed up for her role as Frances McCullen in Neil Jordan's psychological thriller Greta in early 2017, she probably hadn't considered just how much a movie about a young American waitress living in New York City could parallel her own life.

It was just months after filming began, however, that the star filed for a restraining order against a stalker who had followed her and former beau Brooklyn Beckham incessantly around Los Angeles, proving that life really can imitate art.

Or perhaps it was the risk that living in the public eye presented that prompted Chloe to take on the role in the first place...

Whatever the reason, Greta's central plot about a lonely widow who becomes disturbingly obsessed with a stranger who does a good deed for her is shocking, no matter how out-there the plot line may seem.

After a long day's work, Frances finds an elegant green handbag on the subway home and, finding ID stashed inside, plans to return the bag and its contents back to its rightful owner.

Despite her good intentions, she's left wishing she'd listened to her housemate Erica's (Maika Monroe) advice that she'll be eaten up by New York if she carries on that way, as her actions go on to prove that no good deed goes unpunished.

Following the address she found in the bag, Frances finds Greta Hideg; a lonely widow whose daughter is away studying in France, played superbly by veteran French actress Isabelle Huppert.

Frances, who recently lost her mother, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Greta, which appears to be blossoming quite remarkably, until a shocking discovery sends alarm bells ringing in the young girl's head, as she makes a bid to break all ties with the movie's namesake.

Greta, however, isn't about to let her newfound friend go that easily and begins to plague Frances with endless texts and messages, making it quite clear that she's no plans on quitting her extreme behaviour.


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To divulge too much would be to spoil the plotline, but it's important to note that Greta is a movie to be approached with an open mindset; if you consider how 'real' various elements are, you'll be disappointed, but if you take a leap of faith and let yourself go on a journey with the two leads, you'll quickly find yourself engrossed in the action.

What's also arresting is how easy it is to get lost in your emotions and find yourself sympathising with characters for all the wrong reasons, which makes you examine yourself somewhat.

Greta highlights a number of key issues that are relevant in the world today, exploring the nature of loneliness, relationships, social media and, more broadly, our relationship with the world around us.

In the moment, the movie doesn't seem all that remarkable, but leaving the theatre you'll soon find yourself checking that blind spot in the corner of your eye and re-evaluating your privacy settings online just in case.

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