Gemini Man

You don’t mess with Henry Brogan
5/10 – Double Will Smith wasn’t enough to save the dull Gemini Man.
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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Will Smith faces off against his younger self.


If you're a big fan of Will Smith, you'll be getting great value for money with Gemini Man.

The film has been in development hell for more than 20 years, with a-listers such as Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all in the frame, but it has finally got made with fan favourite Smith.

Gemini Man opens with Henry Brogan, a top government assassin, killing a terrorist on a train. Or so he thought. 

After handing in his retirement, Henry later finds out from a friend that the agency deceived him and the man was not who they said he was. But now he knows too much and has to be taken out.

The troops the agency sends are no match for Henry and he makes a quick getaway with Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) - a government agent working surveillance on him - and enlists the help of his pal Baron (Benedict Wong) to fly them out of Georgia.

Clay Varris (Clive Owen), who runs the agency's top-secret black ops unit Gemini, then set his "son" Junior (also Will Smith) after Henry.


Gemini Man starts off very well, has some cool fight scenes and enjoyable moments but the story is quite bland and the script is uninspired.

This high-concept idea could have been super exciting and thrilling but the film takes itself way too seriously. It should have acknowledged that the concept was a bit ridiculous and leaned into it, but it plays it straight and with very little humour.

Will Smith is known for playing fun, charismatic characters but he's devoid of those qualities here.

Normally, he makes movies work with his charm and entertaining nature, but he is so serious. It is bizarre seeing him next to his younger self, which is achieved through motion capture and digital effects, but that character goes from being a cutthroat killing machine to a wounded puppy questioning his existence really fast.

Winstead and Wong offer up great support, while Owen is essentially playing the same character he portrayed in The Informer earlier this year.

The film also looks weird. Director Ang Lee shot this in 3D, 4K, and at a higher frame rate, which means it feels disconcerting and jarring. It looks too crisp, a little bit cheap and, during the action scenes, like you're watching a video game. 

It was a very disorientating experience. However, some 3D moments did look cool and the CGI on Junior is jaw-droppingly impressive.

It's incredibly difficult to digitally create a believable human being but this has been achieved and you almost forget he's not real, until the final scene, in which something was off and he looked fake. It pulls you out of the action.

Gemini Man had an interesting concept and had the potential to be exciting and thrilling, but it failed to do so. Somehow, double Will Smith wasn't enough to save this film.

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