The Yards

From the director of "LITTLE ODESSA" comes a contemporary drama featuring Mark ("BOOGIE NIGHTS") Wahlberg as Leo Handler, a tough guy with two kinds of convictions -- a prison record and a strong belief he can make a fresh start. He lands a job at his uncle's rail company, but instead of staying out of harm's way he is pulled into an underground that's nothing but trouble. His involvement in an ill-fated act of industrial sabotage leads to the murder of a police officer and unravels a web of corruption in the New York City subway system. Featured among the ensemble are Joaquin ("EIGHT MILLIMETER") Phoenix, Charlize ("THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE") Theron and James Caan. Of the story: "Uses urban corruption as a metaphor for the disintegration of an extended family."




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 11/10/2000
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Running Time: 
115 Mins

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