Tensions between the affluent West side and the ethnic East side play a part in this action thriller billed as an Irwin Allen-type disaster movie about a volcano that erupts in Los Angeles, sending lava through the streets of Beverly Hills. Featured players include Tommy Lee Jones as an emergency management expert and Anne Heche as a seismologist, who are called in to explore a mysterious heat source inside a Metro Rail subway tunnel. When an earthquake hits, a fiery geyser errupts creating a massive lava flow. Under the direction of Mick ("THE BODYGUARD") Jackson, this special effects-laden film is said to be more than just a volcano movie: "It's really about the chaos of Los Angeles. We have earthquakes and mud slides and fires. This city really shouldn't be here -- it's built in a silly place, right on a fault line."





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 10/03/1997
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Running Time: 
102 Mins

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