Swapna Sanchari

Veteran director Kamal and actor Jayaram are coming together 12 years after Kaikkudanna Nilavu, in a film titled Swapna Sanchari. Samvritha Sunil plays the heroine.Jayaram plays Ajayachandran Nair, a former peon who immigrates to the Gulf. He makes his fortune and returns to Kerala for a holiday. Ajayachandran flaunts his wealth to gain social acceptance. Meanwhile, his father, Achuthan Nair (Innocent), is not impressed by his son's new found wealth and much to Ajayachandran's chagrin continues to live in a rather humble house. Samvritha Sunil dons the role of Reshmi, Ajayachandran's wife, a grounded young woman who is not too comfortable with her husband's new, flashy lifestyle. However, soon, all of Ajayan's calculations about life go wrong. An incident occurs and this changes his life forever.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 12/09/2011
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