Demi Moore plays a working class mother who takes a job as a stripper to finance a custody battle for her 6-year-old child, only to find that a corrupt politician has become obsessed with her. The story is based on Carl Hiaasen's darkly comedic novel set against the backdrop of Florida's strip clubs. Featured among the ensemble are Ving Rhames as Shad, the bouncer in the strip club where Moore works; Armand Assante as a police detective trying to protect her; and Robert Patrick as her provoked ex-husband. Also on hand is Burt Reynolds in the pivotal role of Congressman Dave Dilbeck. Andrew ("HONEYMOON IN VEGAS") Bergman helms the offbeat saga, marking his first production since completing "IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU" in 1994.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 09/20/1996
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Running Time: 
115 Mins

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