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From the director of "THE WAR," comes a courtroom thriller featuring Richard Gere as a high-powered entertainment attorney who travels to China to broker a multi-million dollar television deal. After the negotiations are completed, he picks up a beautiful young woman, only to be accused of murder when her body turns up in his hotel room the next morning. The action turns on the criminal trial that follows, wherein he must rely on a court-appointed defense attorney to mount his defense in a system that carries no presumption of innocence. Featured in the pivotal role of the defense attorney is Bai Ling, a stage and screen actress in her native China. Also on hand is Byron ("STREET FIGHTER") Mann as the son of a Chinese high official. This picture marks Jon Avnet's first production since directing "UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL" in 1996.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 06/05/1998
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Running Time: 
122 Mins

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