The Real Blonde

From the director of "LIVING IN OBLIVION," comes a romantic comedy set in New York City. The action turns on a group of young people who work in the television and fashion industries. Numbering among these characters are a struggling actor trying to remain faithful to his craft, a successful soap opera star searching for a "real" blonde and a single woman coping with the duplicitous men in her life. Featured players include Matthew ("BLACKOUT") Modine, Isabella ("BIG NIGHT") Rossellini, Elizabeth ("SHOWGIRLS") Berkley, Maxwell ("EMPIRE RECORDS") Caulfield and Faye ("ALBINO ALIGATOR") Dunaway. Also on hand are Catherine ("WALKING & TAlKING") Keener and four-time Emmy Award-winning actress Marlo Thomas. This film marks Tom DiCillio's first production since completing "BOX OF MOONLIGHT" in 1997.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 05/22/1998
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Running Time: 
105 Mins

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