The Neverending Story 3

Third in the fantasy adventure series, the latest chapter opens in Fantasia, the land of imagination, as Atreyu sets off in search of the Stone of Acceptance. His quest leads into the real world where his friend, Bastian (Jason James Richter) and the boy's step-sister, Kathy are at war with the Nasties, a gang of young hoodlums who stole "The Neverending Story" -- a threat that could destroy Fantasia. Ultimately, it is up to Bastian to organize the citizens of Fantasia against the Nasties. Of the imaginary characters that populate the story and who were created by the London-based Jim Henson Creature Shop: "They're totally different from their predecessors (in Parts 1 and 2). They are the newest state-of-the-art movie creatures." Peter ("RAMBO III") MacDonald helms the action -- his first since completing "MO' MONEY" in 1992.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 12/16/1994
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Running Time: 
95 Mins

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