Mighty Aphrodite

Woody Allen plays a sportswriter married to a self-centered woman (Helena Bonham Carter) who dismisses notions of motherhood but suggests adopting a child. In short order Max the baby arrives, but the marriage continues to deteriorate. Allen, meanwhile, decides to seek out his son's biological mother, only to discover that she is a prostitute (Mira Sorvino). The two form a friendship and when Allen learns that Sorvino's greatest regret was giving up the baby she once had, he vows to find her a good man. Enter a would-be boxer (Michael Rapaport) and the stage is set for a romance in Central Park. This bittersweet comedy marks Allen's 31st outing behind the camera as a director and his most recent effort since completing "BULLETS OVER BROADWAY" in 1994.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 04/12/1996
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Running Time: 
95 Mins

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