Living In Oblivion

The perils of making a movie provide the basis for this episodic film-within-a-film. Featured players include Steve Buscemi as the director, Catherine Keener as the ingenue, Dermot Mulroney as the cinematographer and James LeGros as the guest star. Off the set, the cast and crew are seen preparing for the day's work; while on the set, one disaster after another foils the director's attempt to com- plete a scene. Under the direction of former lenser Tom DiCillo, the story is said to examine the anxieties and mishaps that can befall the creators of any low-budget picture, but that "its observations could be applied to virtually any group collaborative process where egos, wills, talents, libidos and technology collide." DiCillo made his directorial bow on "JOHNNY SUEDE" in 1992.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 11/10/1995
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Running Time: 
91 Mins

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