Last Action Hero

A 15-year-old movie fan (Austin O'Brien) steps out of the real world and up onto the screen to foster a relationship with his idol (Arnold Schwarzenegger), in this action-adventure marking the reunion of the director and star of "PREDATOR." In describing the story, Schwarze- negger comments: "It's the ultimate child's fantasy; to meet your hero, climb buildings, take out five guys at once and win major battles. The audience will live through what the kid does -- the whole fantasy -- and they will identify with what the action hero goes through, and what the two characters will learn from each other." Featured among the ensemble is an all-star cast including Charles Dance, Anthony Quinn, Mercedes Ruehl, F. Murray Abraham and Art Carney. This picture marks John McTiernan's first production since completing "MEDICINE MAN" in 1992.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 07/30/1993
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Running Time: 
122 Mins

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