The Faculty

From the director of "FROM DUSK TILL DAWN," comes a sci-fi thriller centering around five high school students on the verge of a terrifying discovery that will turn their lives upside down. Mixing horror with tongue-in-cheek humor, the story goes on to show how they must battle alien forces taking over teachers at their school. Featured among the ensemble are Robert ("COP LAND") Patrick, Elijah ("THE ICE STORM") Wood, Clea ("THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE") Duvall, Shawn ("IN & OUT") Hatosy and Josh ("HALLOWEEN: H20") Hartnett. Lending femme support is Tony Award-winning actress BEBE NEUWIRTH (from Broadway's "Chicago"), in addition to Salma ("FOOLS RUSH IN") Hayek in a cameo role. Of the story scripted by Kevin ("SCREAM") Williamson: "A fun, scary movie."





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 04/09/1999
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Running Time: 
104 Mins

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