El Otro Lado De La Cama

One of Spain's box office hits, "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED" was nominated for six Goya Awards in 2002, including Best Picture and Best Director. Based on a screenplay by David Serrano, "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED" is sexy romantic comedy with a musical twist. The film tells the story of two couples whose search for love leads to lies and heartache - and lots of song and dance. Javier (played by Ernesto Alterio, Deseo) lives with Sonia (Paz "TALK TO HER" Vega) and yet is having an affair with Paula (Natalia Verbeke) who has just broken up with Pedro (Guillermo Toledo), Javier's best friend. As the four characters, along with a collection of their friends and co-workers, switch back and forth between their lovers, their lies only escalate.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 04/23/2004
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Running Time: 
108 Mins

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