The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey plays a lonely cable-TV technician who uses his special skills to invade the life of a subscriber and make his first friend. Featured among the ensemble are Matthew Broderick as the hapless subscriber and Leslie Mann as his girlfriend. The story is said to boast some of television's top talkers, including Geraldo Rivera and Ricki Lake, and that Carrey lives and dies by their advice, which he gives to Broderick in his romantic pursuit of Mann. Ben ("REALITY BITES") Stiller helms the comic antics which will include "three to four set pieces in which Carrey can carry on. One is a hysterical jousting sequence in the Medieval Times eatery. Another, in a giant satellite dish -- 75 feet across."





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 07/12/1996
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Running Time: 
91 Mins

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