Box Of Moonlight

Set in a fictitious backwoods town, this whimsical comedy centers on the life-changing encounter between uptight electrical engineer Al Fountain (John Turturro) and an eccentric known as Kid (Sam Rockwell). When Al's temporary job at a windshield wiper plant is canceled, he conceals the news from his wife (Annie Corley) and son (Alexander Goodwin) in Chicago, to try and recapture his youth by driving to an old amusement park where he spent idyllic days as a boy. Along the road, he finds Kid with a dead engine and tows him to his bizarre home in the woods, sticking around long enough to experience an unconstricted, almost enchanted existence which returns him home a changed man. Said to be full of humor and charm, this film was directed and written by Tom DiCillo, marking his first feature since completing "LIVING IN OBLIVION" in 1995.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 04/18/1997
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Running Time: 
111 Mins

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