The Big Hit

Mark ("BOOGIE NIGHTS") Wahlberg stars as Melvin Surley in this action comedy that tells of the profesional and romantic misadventures of a beleaguered hit man who, together with associates Cisco (Lou Diamond Phillips), Crunch (Bokeem Woodbine) and Gump (Robin Dunne), is drawn into a moonlighting gig that turns sour, when their kidnap victim (China Chow) turns out to be the godchild of their boss (Avery Brooks). When Cisco, the mastermind of the plan, betrays him, Mel becomes a wanted man. To make matters even worse, Mel's mistress (Lela Rochon) absconds with his earnings and the disapproving parents of his fiancee (Christina Applegate) arrive for a visit. Domestic and professional woes collide as Mel tries to impress his potential in-laws while dodging bullets. Hong Kong action helmer Kirk ("CRIME STORY") Wong makes his U.S. debut.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 06/25/1999
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Running Time: 
91 Mins

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