The 6th Day

The horrific and illegal world of human cloning threatens mankind in this science fiction chiller helmed by Roger ("TOMORROW NEVER DIES") Spottiswoode. Adam Gibson, a helicopter pilot who is thought to be dead, stumbles into a massive conspiracy when he comes home one day and finds a clone has replaced him. Thrust into a sinister world, he must save himself from assassins who want to destroy him to protect their secret and devastate mankind. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as both human and clone and features Tony ("KISS THE GIRLS") Goldwyn, Robert ("A CIVIL ACTION") Duvall, Michael ("SMALL TIME CROOKS") Rapaport and Wendy ("BICENTENNIAL MAN") Crewson.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 12/15/2000
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Running Time: 
124 Mins

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