David Bradley signed up to Pinocchio without discussing character first

David Bradley didn’t need to know about the character because he was happy to just work with Guillermo del Toro again.

David Bradley said yes to a voice role in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio before he knew anything about his character.

The Harry Potter star agreed to work with del Toro on his reimagining of the classic tale without discussing the role of Geppetto, the maker and father figure of Pinocchio, voiced by Gregory Mann.

He explained backstage at the BAFTA Film Awards that he didn’t need to know much about the project because he was happy to work with del Toro again after previous collaborations on the TV series The Strain and the animated series Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia.

“I don’t remember discussing the character beforehand,” he said of Pinocchio, to which del Toro added, “You just said yeah.”

The 80-year-old Game of Thrones star continued, “Yeah, (I said,) ‘When do we start?’ We met up in the studio and I think, having worked together before, there’s a kind of shorthand language and I think we had that and it makes it so much easier when you’ve got a director you admire who trusts you with a part like Geppetto.”

The Mexican filmmaker hinted that he had written “two more for (Bradley)” but he didn’t elaborate on the roles or projects.

Bradley and del Toro appeared backstage at London’s Royal Festival Hall after Pinocchio won the Animated Film prize.

The stop-motion film has swept the animated categories this awards season and looks like a surefire bet for the Oscar in March.

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