Chris Pine had ‘an absolute ball’ making his directorial debut Poolman

Chris Pine “could not have had more fun” on the set of Poolman.

Chris Pine didn’t find directing as “terrifying” as he thought it would be.

The Star Trek actor was warned by his friends that directing a movie would be difficult but he had a very different experience.

“People all told me that shooting it was going to be terrifying. I f**king had an absolute ball. Could not have had more fun. Stressful but it’s like whatever,” he said on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. “So much fun, making all the choices (and) solving problems.”

“People were like, ‘People are going to want a leader on set’ and then I was like all nervous that wasn’t going to be able to make a decision,” he continued, adding that he actually had no problem “trusting the gut, trusting the instinct and f**king rocking and rolling”.

While there were some problems in development, such as getting financing and “people wanting to pull the plug”, Pine had a great experience making the movie and lived in a “joyful flow state” for about a year.

In his directorial debut, which he also co-wrote, Pine stars alongside Annette Bening and Danny DeVito and plays a pool cleaner who uncovers a water heist in Los Angeles.

Poolman was widely panned when it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last year. However, Pine has not been put off by the reception and already has “an idea” for another feature that “couldn’t be any more different” to his debut.

Poolman is currently in U.S. cinemas.

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