Chris Hemsworth felt ‘elated’ after completing 20-minute shot in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth felt rewarded once the sequence was successfully filmed.

Chris Hemsworth felt “elated” when the Extraction 2 team successfully completed the film’s complicated 20-minute shot.

During an interview with Extra, the Marvel star explained why the sequel’s standout sequence was so challenging to film.

“The hardest stunt was… the one continuous shot that goes for about 20 minutes. There were 400 extras… Things were on fire, I was on fire, we had explosions, 5,000 moves of choreography… it was months and months of rehearsal,” he shared.

As the sequence was so difficult, the 39-year-old felt “elation” when the rehearsals paid off and everyone nailed the shot.

“The risk and the intensity was at an all-time high, but the reward was something I never felt before,” he gushed. “What you get on screen is an authenticity, a grit and intensity that you can’t create on a green screen.”

When asked how he reacted when he was told he would be set on fire, Chris jokingly replied, “I said, ‘Yeah, we are in the Czech Republic, it’s the middle of winter and freezing, so it will warm me up a little bit.'”

More seriously, the actor added, “There is always risk involved… When you have a working relationship with someone you trust, no safety team has gone to the degree to ensure you’re kept not having any amount of damage at the end of the day.”

Extraction, directed by former stunt coordinator and stuntman Sam Hargrave, is streaming on Netflix now.

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