Chris Evans left Dexter Fletcher locked in car trunk during Ghosted cameo

Dexter Fletcher, who directed the project, appears briefly as Raoul the Arms Dealer.

Chris Evans left Dexter Fletcher locked in a car trunk when the Ghosted director filmed his cameo.

In the Apple TV+ action comedy, the Captain America actor plays a romantically needy farmer who is ghosted by de Armas’ secret agent character Sadie after a first date. When he decides to track her down, he gets caught up in a life-threatening plot.

Fletcher, who helmed the project, appears briefly as Raoul the Arms Dealer, who has been stuffed in the boot of Sadie’s car – and Evans left him in there for longer than necessary.

“Of course, Evans slammed the trunk and locked me in there for three minutes while everyone milled about outside and had a good laugh,” Fletcher recalled to The Hollywood Reporter. “I knew it was inevitably gonna happen, and they thought it’d be a real hoot to actually leave me in there for two-and-a-half minutes or whatever it was. It was probably 30 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. But it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it? I like to be in there with the actors, acting away.”

The Rocketman filmmaker joked that the actors “really got a kick” out of seeing him inside the trunk, which he admitted was “a tight fit”.

“They, surprisingly, were very jovial and very happy when I ended up crammed inside it. It was a tight fit as well, because I put on a bit of weight while I was filming. I ate lots of craft services, so it was a bit of a squeeze. But I had a lot of fun,” he noted.

Ghosted is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

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