Bob Odenkirk not ‘built’ for ‘world’ of Marvel movies

Bob Odenkirk has rejected the idea of appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bob Odenkirk has no interest in appearing in a Marvel movie.

While speaking to The Independent for an interview published on Sunday, the Better Call Saul star was asked whether he would consider appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and he admitted it wouldn’t be a good fit for him.

“I always like to keep things grounded, relatable and smaller. I don’t think I’m built for that world,” Bob explained to the outlet. “I’m built for characters that make you feel like that guy could live next door.”

Bob made a name for himself with comedy projects, however, he showed off his dramatic side with Better Call Saul and films like The Post and Little Women. He recently added another string to his bow with the 2021 action movie Nobody, in which he played a former government assassin.

“(Hutch) is still a family man, but his relationship to violence is different. He’s changed, but he’s still got a long way to go to find real balance in how he’s living his life,” Bob said of his character. “I care about this more than you could imagine. You’d think it’s the personal story of my life, and not an action-genre movie.”

A sequel to Nobody is currently in development.

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