We consider all of the possible candidates to be the next James Bond

  • We consider all of the possible candidates to be the next James Bond

It has been revealed that Daniel Craig has turned down £68 million from MGM to play James Bond in two more films, declaring he is done with 007, which means that the media circus of selecting a new Bond has begun.

That means that rumours will be rife, actors will be throwing their hat into the ring and the cadidates will be whittled down.

We've gone through all the potential actors for Bond, and weighed up whether they are suitable to hold that PP7 and drive a gadget-stocked Aston Martin.

Idris Elba

Most famous for playing Stringer Bell in The Wire and John Luther in Luther (his extended audition to play Bond), his name has been banded around in the Bond circles for quite some time.

Pro: According to the Sony leak, Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal told a top exec that 'Idris should be the next bond', while Daniel Craig has given Elba his backing.

Con: Anthony Horowitz, author of Bond novel Tigger Mortis, dubbed the actor "too street" to be 007, which is the most out-of-touch thing that anyone has said since my nan.

Damian Lewis

Rising to fame on both sides of the Atlantic with his lead role in Homeland, the London-born star believes Bond's Scottish roots have "paved the way for a redheaded Bond."

Pro: With appearances in Band of Brothers, Homeland and Our Kind of Traitor, Lewis has proven his action movie acting chops, and it wouldn't be a stretch to see him doing the type of stunts that we are familiar with 007.

Con: Remember the outcry about Daniel Craig's 'blonde Bond'? Imagine a ginger Bond...

Tom Hardy

A certifiable Hollywood star, Tom Hardy has appeared in Blockbusters like The Revenant, Legend, Mad Max: Fury Road and Child 44 - and that was just in 2015.

Pro: Currently one of Hollywood's go-to tough guys, Hardy can do all the rough stuff, and look extremely handsome while doing it too.

Con: It would seem that these days Hardy just can't himself putting on an impenetrable growling accent (see: The Dark Knight Rises, The Revenant) that his 007 would be impossible to understand.

Pierce Brosnan

The Dublin-born actor has the looks and suave demeanour to fill the tuxedo as 007, and roles in films like GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day has showcased his Bond credentials.

Pro: Despite being the wrong side of 60 (I know right!) Brosnan still looks as suave as he did twenty years ago... when he was 40.

Con: His star has somewhat dimmed in recent years as he hasn't been in a starring role or a blockbuster, which may not put him on the radar of Bond producers.

Henry Cavill

Cavill made a name for himself when he donned the cape to play Superman in the disappointing Man of Steel, and equally disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Pro: Appearing in the reboot of '60s spy TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Cavill showed that he has all the aspects needed to play a quip-dispensing, fist-fighting MI5 agent.

Con: Is he too attractive? I feel like he's too attractive. Also, will DC let him play both Superman and James Bond? For the purposes of this point, let's say yes.

Tom Hiddleston

Became a teenage girl favourite after playing the immensely charismatic anti-hero Loki in Marvel's Avengers, he is currently starring in the BBC's espionage mini-series The Night Manager.

Pro: A flurry of bets for him to be the next Bond prompted bookies to slash the odds of his casting, before they stopped taking bets on him altogether.

Con: He's a bit skinny; would Hiddleston be able to build the type of muscles that Daniel Craig memorably brandished when he waded out of the sea in tiny trunks?

Angelina Jolie

Having had a quiet year or two, Angelina Jolie has shown her Bond-rivalling skills of hand-to-hand combat, as well as knowing her way around a gun in the likes of Wanted and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Pro: In the second Tomb Raider film, The Cradle of Life, she went up against future Bond Daniel Craig and held her own, all the while displaying a more than passable British accent.

Con: Having recently expanded her roles into writing, producing and directing, Jolie might want to have a larger part in the Bond process, which may not turn out to be a success.

Jason Statham

Since featuring in Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Snatch, Statham has gone on to become a Hollywood hard man with leading roles in the Crank films, The Italian Job, The Transporter films and adding his name to the hallowed hall of The Expendables cast members.

Pro: Everyone knows that Statham can, and will, kick some serious ass, he has played various Bond-like characters throughout his career and he could build on the gritty, violent 007 that Daniel Craig has established.

Con: Sean Connery has to wear a wig throughout his Bond career to cover his thinning locks; do you reckon 'the Stathe' would do the same? And how stupid would he look?

Jonah Hill

The funnyman has been in some of the most highly-rated comedies in recent years while also showing off his dramatic side with memorable turns in The Wolf of Wall Street, Moneyball and another one that I can't think of right now.

Pro: You know that he'd have the best quips for when Bond kills off an unassuming henchman.

Con: He has never shown his English accent on screen before, so that could be a bit of a sticking point with fans if he doesn't get it on the money.

Michael Fassbender

The German-Irish actor has shown off his range and versatility, with roles in 12 Years a Slave, Prometheus, Macbeth, the X-Men reboot films and his Oscar-nominated turn as Apple's iconic co-founder Steve Jobs.

Pro: While appearing in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, Fassbender showed off his impeccable British accent, and general Bond-esque nature while playing Lieutenant Archie Hicox.

Con: Fassbender has taken his roles in a more dramatic turn lately with Macbeth, Steve Jobs and The Light Between Oceans - will he want Bond to be more brooding and dramatic and less action-packed?


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