Revealed: The secrets and clues from the SPECTRE trailer

  • Bond, looking real reflective

The internet was awash with excitement over the teaser trailer for SPECTRE; as 007 returns from the events of Skyfall, an old familiar enemy rears its head again to inconvenience James and the rest of MI5.

So lets take a look at all of the reveals and clues that lie within.

**ALERT if you want to ignore everthing about SPECTRE and so the storyline is a secret, don't look at our spoiler-filled breakdown**

1. The MI5 building still sports the blast damage from Raoul Silva's bomb in Skyfall

Obviously the British secret service aren't ones for DIY - a bit of MDF and a lick of paint and the building would be right as rain.

2. Moneypenny gives Bond personal effects recovered from Skyfall - we're going to dig deeper into Bond's past

Moneypenny says to James: "You've got a secret, something you can't tell anyone, because you don't trust anyone."

So it looks like we're going to build on the Bond backstory that was hinted at in Skyfall.

3. Bond's former foster family play a part in SPECTRE

In Ian Fleming's Octopussy short story, it is revealed that Bond was very close to his ski instructor Hans Oberhauser - in the teaser, we're shown a temporary guardianship form signed by 'H. Oberhauser'.

Is the other boy in the picture Franz Oberhauser - who it has been confirmed that Christoph Waltz will be playing? More on that later...

Will Bond's former foster-brother be trying to see the end of 007?

4. Does Monica Bellucci's character Lucia Sciarra also want Bond's demise?

In the clip we see Bond lurking at the back of a funeral, with Bellucci at centre stage - it has been revealed that the Italian actress has been cast as the widow of an assassin killed by Bond.

Will she be after revenge for her late husband? Does she have links to SPECTRE?

5. Bond will see an old face in the form of Quantum of Solace's Mr White.

Bond visits the Quantum organisation member in a remote mountain location. 

The now-unrecognisable Mr White says: "I always knew death would wear a familiar face. But, not yours..." as Bond interogates him about SPECTRE.

Upon placing a ring with the SPECTRE organisation isignia on his chess board, Mr White utters: "you're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond."

Is SPECTRE too big an organisation for even Bond to take down?

6. As we're introduced to Franz Oberhauser, there's callbacks to the Blofeld introduction.

As we're given the slow reveal of Christoph Waltz shrouded in darkness, it harks back to the days of the obscurred, cat-stroking Bond supervillain Ernst Blofeld.

Oberhauser greets Bond ominously with: "Welcome James, it's been a long time," before "And, finally, here we are." #

Notice how he's called James, and not Mr Bond - it would signify the pair are well acquainted, even going back to their childhood

So that's it. Until the next time we're given a glimpse of SPECTRE, we can just watch this one another 50 times for any clues we missed.


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