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Danny wants something more. Expelled from school and living in his grandfathers flat, he longs to live up to the image of his estranged father Danny Senior. Sent to prison for force feeding a judge his own wig Danny Senior was a legend and Danny is looking for a way to emulate his father’s achievements and rise to be “top boy”. Meanwhile in Wormwood Scrubs prison legendary football hooligan Dex is about to be released. Dex is on a quest of his own, one of vengeance against his nemesis and rival firm leader Yeti. But when Danny and Dex’s paths cross they embark on a journey as old as hooliganism itself. Dex, Danny and The Hooligan Factory travel the length of the country on a mission to re-establish their firm’s glory days. However, the police are closing in and we get a sense that the Hooligan Factory’s best days may be behind them, but with Danny on their side, and Dex finding his old form who knows where this may lead. After all… Its a funny old game.

In an opening scene taken straight out of Rise of the Footsoldier and an opening cameo from London geezer Danny Dyer the movie instantly gives you an idea that nothing is going to be taken seriously, I mean why else would it be a spoof film right?

Its great to see a UK spoof movie that has never been done before, Football hooliganism is a great topic to drive some comedy with loud mouthed hard nuts taken out of a comfort zone and taken the mick out of. We find that concept hilarious, so after just finishing the World Cup and with The Hooligan Factory released the day after (14/07/2014, well done Universal very smart marketing) we grab a beer and sit down to watch The Hooligan Factory.

Throughout the movie there’s the tension that for one second you might just believe the movie will turn to a serious note, it has a pause, an unease, a feeling that something bad is going to happen and in a split second, comedy is thrown at you when you least expect it. The only thing we can compare it to is a jump scare in a horror film, as soon as the tension is built, BANG the audience is hit with a jump or in this case comedy and its great to see that not only are they spoofing the movies but they are building the same tension, drama and atmosphere of their original counterparts. Nods to Green Street, Football Factory and Rise of the Footsoldier are a plenty in this all out brawl of a comedy.

Nick Nevern stars and directs this feature and what a great job he does of it too, both he and Jason Maza have experience of hooligan films and it shows in the films style, quality and then sudden ability to rip all seriousness out of the situation.

Jason Maza puts in a stand out performance and shows his worth as a lead character, a great mix of emotions run deep through the film and both Nick and Jason convey these with ease, it doesn’t feel forced, nor does it feel over rehearsed its a smooth free flowing comedy and a good laugh.

A film to pop on after the football, a film to watch with your mates, a UK spoof comedy football film to be proud of.

Check out our interview below with Jason Maza himself as he talks all about the film, hooliganism and the making of The Hooligan Factory.

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