Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - all the things you might have missed in the new trailer

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - all the things you might have missed in the new trailer

The new trailer for Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice was shown at Comic-Con this month, and any fears of it being a washout were calmed, as the trailer blew away everyone in attendance, and then blew everyone who watched it online away too.

We're on hand to provide you with some further details and cool Easter Eggs from some of the things you may have missed amid all of the action and awesomeness.

1. Superman is being tried for the crimes of Man of Steel

After Superman and General Zod destroyed half of Metropolis in Man of Steel, Superman is brought ibefore a tribunal for his actions.

They decide whether he is a destructive alien, meanwhile outside the public are angry over Superman's actions while he tried to save the world.

2. Bruce Wayne is reeling from his building's destruction in Man of Steel

During the events of Man of Steel, a Wayne Industries skyscraper is destroyed.

An older Bruce Wayne than we're used to is nearby to witness the destruction and loss of innocent lives. 

3. Bruce Wayne's threatening message

After a skyscraper was left crumbling to the ground, it only killed dozens (rather than thousands) - maybe it was on the weekend.

Anyway, the note left for Bruce Wayne reminds him that he witnessed his parents get shot as he stood helplessly by.

This prompts Bruce to come out of retirement as Batman to fight the terror that Superman has brought in the Man of Steel fight with General Zod.

4. People in skull make-up want to touch Superman

An unusual moment from the trailer sees people reaching out to touch Superman, with many wearing skull face paint.

Showing that despite the public backlash, there are still people that need Superman and love him for saving millions of people.

5. The defaced suit- the appearance of The Joker

If you look closely at the grafiti-sprayed suit, it has Robin's 'R' logo on the chest.

Did The Joker - who sprayed the suit with his 'Hahaha" kill Robin, and Bruce keeps it to remind him of Robin's death and inispiration for becoming Batman?

Hinting at an apperance by Jared Leto's Joker, who is currently shooting Suicide Squad, and may make an unwelcome appearance for Bruce.

6. The Bat-signal is back

Batman builds and sets up his own bat-signal; surely that's Commissioner Gordon's job?

Anyway, a welcome return to the legendary signal of the light, what purpose will it serve?

7. Introducing Aquaman

We've already seen images of Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa as a very different Aquaman to what we're used to.

This out-of-place moment from the trailer which sees a crab diver plunging beneath the sea - this could be the first introduction to Aquaman in the film.

8. Batman v Superman

Finally we get to see the pair going at it.

The immortal, ever-powerful Superman, against a billionaire in a costume.

Despite this, Batman's array of gadgets looks like he's holding his own against Superman.

9. Wonder Woman's first appearance

All the way back in 2013, Israeli actress Gal Gadot was confirmed as Wonder Woman, and now we finally get to see her.

The demigoddess daughter of Zeus pops up in her Amazonian fighting suit as she comes out fighting.

She doesn't have any lines just yet, as we are left wondering who she's fighting for and whose side she is on.

10. Batman fighting Superman's soldiers

Batman - dressed in a fetching brown jacket - takes on (and beats) a bunch of soldiers using his bare hands and batsuit.

Note the Superman symbol emblazoned on their shoulders, are these mercenaries that are appropriating the Superman logo, or something worse?

11. Jesse Eisenberg nails Lux Luthor

Fanbase-dividing choice, Jesse Eisenberg really impresses as power-mad billionaire Lex Luthor.

He has a luxurious head of hair (which he will ditch before the film is over), he is seen colluding with senators and admiring a big chunk of Kryptonite.

Luthor also seems to be the catalyst in the row between Batman and Superman, perhaps he is there to stoke up the beef.

12. The showdown

At the end we see Superman rip the doors off the Batmobile and the fighting duo coming face-to-face.

This looks like the first time they see eye-to-eye and perhaps the Dawn of Justice (League).

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