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  • Annabelle Review

When James Wan made "The Conjuring", I was excited to say the least. He took the age old story of the poltergeist and turned into a modern day horror movie. And the wonder of it all was that the movie was set in the 70's!

When I found out that they were making a film about the Annabelle doll, the loose end in the otherwise awesome film, I was overjoyed. But as history has taught us, the sequel is never as good as the first. And boy, does it ring true for this series as well.

Directed by John R. Leonetti, who has a legacy for unpopular sequels, The Butterfly Effect 2 being the prime example for this. Annabelle follows the story of how the doll came be the devils little minion and then tormented its way through the Californian population in the 70's.

Inspired by the occult cults that existed in the hay day, Annabelle is a collector's edition of a porcelain doll, which is bought by an extremely sweet, I-can't-belive-he-existed-in-the-patriarchal-society-of-the-70's man, John for his rather pregnant wife, Mia who has a weird doll collection. They have wonderful neighbours, an elderly couple and all of them exist in a cornucopia of loving God. But their pious existence is interrupted by the elderly neighbour's hippie daughter who ran away and joined a Satan worshiping cult. The daughter, named Annabelle and her boyfriend break into her parent's house and murder them in cold blood apparently in order to appease their mighty Lord. And because no one can murder in silence, the pregnant neighbour is woken up and rushes to help them. Of course leaving their own door open, thus giving said murderers a chance to sneak into their house and you know, murder more people. But fortunately the police arrive to save the silly pregnant woman and husband and shoot the boyfriend, but Annabelle decides to kill/sacrifice herself while holding The World's Creepiest Looking Doll. A drop of Annabelle's blood ominously falls on the doll and thus begins the horror part of it all. The pregnant wife gives birth to a cute daughter and gives it a rhyming name to mirror hers, Leah. And thanks to the pushover Husband they move away from the home of death and into a flat. With flashing images and screaming ghosts, Annabelle's residence in the doll manifests its way into Mia's mind. She begs John to look into it more, but even interference by the Holy Priest doesn't get in the way of Annabelle and her wanting the soul of an innocent, who in this case is Leah.

What happens next is textbook horror movie, you are just going to have to watch it, because I fear the wrath of movie goers thanks to the spoiler alerts. The movie is a terrible follow up to what was a good film, and the lack of famed actors such as Vera Farmiga really stung. The pain of the sting could have been saved but the incredibly poor acting in this film caused more pain than healed anything. With an intense lack of any form of dialogue other than, "Please don't kill her" the bad script writing was the cherry on top of this terrible cake of a movie. But while I have sung the praises of James Wan's previous creation, the one thing that I did enjoy of this film was the cinematography. Good usage of negative space and a score that went well with the situation, you could definitely watch this film on mute.

The Good: A new horror movie that's not a part of the Paranormal series
The Bad: It's not scary, all it does is makes you jump. Which is the mark of an average film

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