Alternative Valentine's Day film guide: non-romantic Valentine's Day releases

With Valentine's Day bearing down on us, the cinemas will be showing mushy romantic films like Valentine's Day or a Valentine's day themed slasher movie

So we want you to enjoy your Valentine's Day viewing, but with a bit of a Valentine's theme, so here are some non-romantic films that arrived in cinemas on 14th February.

Settle down on the sofa with one of these...


The Silence of the Lambs

The very unsettling thriller with Hannibal Lector scaring the heck out of an FBI cadet played by Jodie Foster isn't the first film you'd associate with Valentine's Day, but it was released on Februrary 14th in the States back in 1991.

You could stick this film on after a nice meal of fava beans and a nice chianti (human liver not advised).


Hot Fuzz

The second of Edgar Wright's 'Cornetto Trilogy' sees one of the Metropolitan Police's finest officers move to a quaint country village, only to discover the residents are part of a sinister conspiracy.

Released in the UK on Valentine's Day in 2007, will you settle down on the sofa with your Valentine for heavily-armed fun with Frost and Pegg?


A Good Day to Die Hard

What's more romantic than John McClane blowing up half of Moscow to rescue his estranged son from a Russian prison?

Released on 2013 Valentine's Day, it was the second of 'recent' Die Hard films that didn't reach the heights of the original triliogy, but that doesn't mean it's not a lovely, explosion-filled, date movie.


The Monuments Men

World War II wasn't the most romantic of times, nor is the story of an allied platoon rescuing art from Nazi theives.

Art is romantic, and it has George Clooney for all the ladies.

The more we talk, the more it sounds like the war comedy-drama from Valentine's Day 2014 is the perfect romantic flick.


The LEGO Movie

The wildy-popular animation based on the even more popular toys, the LEGO movie landed in cinemas in the UK on Valentine's Day last year.

With a star-studded cast and Chris Pratt voicing the lead character, it's a film that's loved by young and old alike - and a perfect alternative Valentine's Day film.



What's better than romance? How about... bromance. That's exactly what you get with Paul, released in the UK on Valentine's Day 2011.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two comic book geeks whose bromance sees them road trip across America and bump into their third musketeer in the form of an acohol and cigarette-loving alien.



A bit of action-adventure sci-fi always goes down a romantic treat, which is why Jumper is next on our list.

Released in the US on Valentine's Day in 2008, it centres around a young man capable of teleporting, who is being chased down by a secret society.

While it critics didn't make very much of it when it was released, you can use it to... teleport into your Valentine's heart (sorry).



If Jumper doesn't interest you, how about the romantic story of a man who is blinded by toxic waste, which also enchances his remaining senses?

Daredevil wasn't rated too highly among comic book fans, but it did have a lovely romantic storyline between Ben Affleck and his real-life wife Jennifer Garner, plus it was released on Valentine's 2003, so it has to be the most romantic superhero movie ever, right?


Run for Your Wife

This film, starring Danny Dyer and Denise Van Outen, about a man who is just so full of love, he is married to two women.

His bubble is burst when the two women find out and he must rush around London trying to prevent his two wives discovering each other.

The story of a man fighting to save his marriage(s) was released in Valentine's Day 2012 for a reason, and you should be cuddling up to enjoy the romantic hijinks.

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