9 things you didn't know about Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

  • 9 things you didn't know about Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Exactly 21 years ago, UK audiences got the chance to lay their eyes on Ace Venture and his wacky behaviour and catchphrases.

Now to celebrate the film being old enough to drink in the USA, we've compiled a few interesting facts about Ace Ventura: Pet Detective that you probably didn't know...

1. There is a clue to Einhorn's 'secret' on her desk

When Ace is first informing Lt. Einhorn about his Ray Finkle theory, on the desk there are two apples and a banana positioned in a suggestive manner.

This foreshadows the fact that Einhorn is actually Ray Finkle.

Also, Einhorn is German for Unicorn, a mythological animal with a "phallic" appearance.

2. Ace pulling the cellist's arm during the party scene during was improvised by Jim Carrey

3. Originally, the director wanted Rick Moranis to play Ace, but he turned it down

Moranis chose Barney Rubble in the live-action version of The Flintstones. Imagine having Rick Moranis as Ace Ventura - it doesn't quite fit.

4. Jim Carrey used the same method acting as Anthony Hopkins for Hannibal Lecter

When Carrey appeared on Inside The Actor’s Studio, he told James Lipton about his dinner with Anthony Hopkins and the discovery that they had both based their character’s movements off animals; Carrey’s on birds and Hopkins’ on reptiles.

5. Jim Carrey used the voice, mannerisms and catchphrases for Ace from an old stand-up routine

The voice and catchphrase "All righty then"  was something that belonged to one of Carrey's stand-up characters and was only added after several read throughs of the script.

It was such an improvement that it became the main Ace Ventura personality trait.

Jim Carrey uses the same voice and mannerisms for his In Living Color sketch character, 'Overly Confident Gay Man'.

6. Both director Tom Shadyac and Carrey felt that Ace Ventura: Pet Detective could end their film careers

Shadyac notes they made a choice to go big with this film as indicated by the change of film speed and the weird angles in the opening sequence. 

After the success of Ace Ventura, Shadyac - who went on to direct The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty- says he was offered over 150 movies and got calls from every major player in Hollywood to get him on their next feature film. 

And we all know what happened to Jim Carrey

7. The actor playing Ray Finkle in the photo of the Dolphin's group shot is actually Sean Young in a wig and fake moustache.

Shadyac notes you can tell it’s Sean from the frail arms, but, from the neck up, she makes a very convincing man.

8. Jim Carrey insisted on having his favourite band perform in the movie


Jim Carrey was a devoted fan of the band Cannibal Corpse, and part of the negotiation for his contract with the movie included a concert scene with the band.

According to an interview with the band, Carrey was more excited about meeting the band than they were about meeting him.

9. At the time Tone Loc (Emilio) was the biggest name in the movie


As strange as it seems now, 'Wild Thing' and 'Funky Cold Medina' rapper Tone Loc was the biggest name in the cast upon filming the movie.

Jim Carrey was still just a Living Color cast member at the time and Friends hadn’t premiered yet with Courteney Cox.

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