8 stars who turned down big movie roles for ridiculous reasons

  • 8 stars who turned down big movie roles for ridiculous reasons

As we've seen before, some of Hollywood's finest actors missed out on down roles that would eventually be regarded as some of cinema's finest performances - whether for scheduling, they weren't suited to the role or some more bizarre reasons.

We've picked out the more bizarre reasons why stars have turned down roles, those reasons include...

Eminem turned down the lead in Elysium because they wouldn't film it in Detroit

Detroit rapper Eminem impressed everyone when he played a rapper from Detroit in 8 Mile, and caught the eye of District 9 director Neil Blomkamp.

The South African filmmaker was thinking of the main star of his overblown dystopian space saga Elysium and Slim Shady popped into his mind.

When Eminem was approached, the rapper asked Blomkamp where filming would take place, when he was told it was "not in Detroit," Eminem turned the project down.

Elysium ended up with Matt Damon in the lead, and when it was released, he wished he hadn't gone to Mexico City for filming, because it was a big step down from District 9.

Brad Pitt is too attractive for About A Boy

Hugh Grant was on top 'British rom-com form' in About A Boy, in which he plays an immature man who is taught to act like a grown-up by a young Nicholas Hoult.

Before Hugh was on board, Brad Pitt was asked to be in the film, but when Brad found out that the character of Will Freeman goes to support groups for single parents, Pitt was confused and angered.

Brad and his stunning jawline simply couldn't believe that a man who looked like Brad Pitt would need to pretend to be a single father in order to pick up women.

Pitt labelled it completely implausible and (probably) left the building to immediately have every woman in the vicinity throw themselves at him.

Will Smith wanted to kill the baddie in Django Unchained

Actors are desperate to star in the films of iconic director Quentin Tarantino, and Will Smith was just the same when he was approached by Tarantino to star in the director's 2013 blood-soaked western Django Unchained.

When the pair was discussing Smith playing the former slave Django, the Fresh Prince revealed:

"Django wasn’t the lead, so it was like, I need to be the lead. The other character was the lead! I was like, “No, Quentin, please, I need to kill the bad guy!” I thought it was brilliant. Just not for me."

So because Will Smith couldn't stick a bullet into the film's villain, he took himself off and starred in After Earth alongside his son Jaden, where presumably they were both the heroes and shot up bad guys as far as the eye could see.

Mark Wahlberg would only play Donnie Darko if he could have a lisp

When it came out in 2001, Donnie Darko blew audiences minds... well, they blew some peoples' minds, while others just went "huh? What was that all about?"

But before 19-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal was cast to play the troubled teenager, Mark Wahlberg was interested in playing the titular time-travelling teen.

Only Marky Mark wanted to play Donnie with a lisp, director Richard Kelly thought this was a really dumb idea and would detract from the complicated story he was trying to craft, so Wahlberg left the project.

Wahlberg has a bit of history when it comes to turning down classic roles, as J.J. Abrams asked if he wanted to be in the Star Trek reboot, but as Wahlberg explains: "I tried to read the script, and I didn’t understand the words of the dialogue or anything."

Sean Connery turned down nearly half a billion dollars because he was confused

One of the biggest missed opportunities in history lands squarely at the feet of Sean Connery when the former 007 was offered the part of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So keen on having Sean Connery playing the wizard, director Peter Jackson offered the Scot $6 million, plus a 15 per cent stake in the franchise's box office profits.

Connery foolishly turned down the role stating that he "never understood the script," adding "I read the book. I read the script. I saw the movie. I still don’t understand it."

For not being able to understand the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, that many teenagers enjoy, Sean Connery missed out on a potential $450 million payday... still, he'll always have The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Kirsten Dunst didn't want to kiss Kevin Spacey for American Beauty

When it came out in 1999, American Beauty was one of the biggest films of the year thanks to Kevin Spacey's incredible performance and the iconic scene of Mena Suvari lying on a bed of rose petals, with a few covering her most important parts.

Originally it would have been Kirsten Dunst that was lying on those petals, but she turned the role down because she didn't want to kiss her co-star Kevin Spacey.

To be fair, Dunst was around 16 when the film was being made, and the prospect of having to kiss a 40-year-old man - whether they were Kevin Spacey or not - wouldn't be all that appealing to most 16-year-old girls.

Dunst proclaimed: "I didn't want to be kissing Kevin Spacey. Come on! Lying there naked with rose petals!?"

Mena Suvari, who did the kissing and rose petal lying, didn't exactly see her career explode as a result, so Kirsten Dunst probably made the right choice.

Garth Brooks didn't want to be upstaged by a tornado in Twister

One of the biggest country music stars in the world, Garth Brooks was keen to break into the world of acting, because he'd written every song he could about all of country music's topics - women, pickup trucks, heartbreak and America.

Fortunately for him, he had friends in high places, Steven Spielberg places. The legendary director offered him a role in his upcoming war movie, Saving Private Ryan, but Brooks turned it down because he wanted to play a 'bad guy', but all of the film's villains were minor roles.

The charitable Spielberg then sent him a script that his Amblin production company were making called Twister, about a giant twister.

Brooks looked at the script, and his part Dusty Davis (which would go to Philip Seymour Hoffman) and turned it down because the Twister, in the film's title, was the star of the film and his acting would be overshadowed by the Twister.

It may not surprise you to learn that Garth Brooks has not featured in any films to date.

Ralph Macchio passed up Back to the Future because he wasn't paying attention

Everybody knows that Michael J. Fox wasn't the first pick to play Marty McFly, as Eric Stoltz filmed scenes as the time-travelling teenager before he was sacked and Fox was drafted in.

But before Stoltz's casting, a few actors were considered for Marty, including Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio.

After reading (probably only one or two pages of) the script Macchio assumed that the film was about "A kid, a car and plutonium pills."

While there are no plutonium pills in the film at all, but Macchio mustn't have got to the bit where the kid uses the car to travel through time... and narrowly avoids sleeping with his mother.

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