7 things we want to see in Jurassic World

It's less than a month until the release of Jurassic World - the follow up to the hugely-adored Jurassic Park and its disappointing sequels.

We've already had some dinosaur-packed trailers to give us an insight into the now-open Jurassic Park that is about to suffer another crisis.

What do we want and expect from the first sighting in 14 years of the dinosaurs that we grew up loving and being terrified of, in equal measure?

1. Slow, building terror

Sure, having an abundance of dinosaurs running around killing civilians is what we're after, but what about the slow, building terror?

One of the most famous and favourite moments from the film's series is in the first JP, where the Tyrannosaurus Rex snaps its way through the powered-down electrified fence and slowly, terrifyingly building to its frenzied attack on Tim and Lex in the car.

Or the scene in the third film, where the Pterodactyl emerges from the mist inside the aviary, swooping around the humans and then drags Erik off to be feed its young.

We'd love a scene involving the new Indominus Rex slowly and terrifyingly stalking the human characters before attacking them without mercy.

2. Appearances from the original cast

Obviously the JP fan base would go wild for another appearance from ‘sexy’ mathematician Ian Malcolm.

But it would be much more interesting to see Joseph Mazzello (who played Tim) - now 31, and Ariana Richards (who starred as Lex) who is now 35.

Who would love to see them come in to save the day by fighting a raptor in the kitchen? Everyone, that’s who.

3. More Pterodactyls

Jurassic Park III was the first chance we got to see the Pterodactyls, because it was the first time they could be realistically created using CGI.

The Pterodactyl sequence in JPIII was definitely the scariest of the film as the crew desperately tried to escape the gigantic birdcage that housed the Pterodactyl family.

In the trailer for Jurassic World, we see in the trailer that a helicopter crashes through the giant glass home of the Pterodactyls, resulting in their escape and a screaming tourist being carried away.

More of that please, because it's terrifying.

4. Lots of dinosaurs killing humans

A bit on the unpleasant side, but who can't claim that when the lawyer was chomped up by a T-Rex while sitting on the loo wasn’t the most memorable part of the first film?

Here's the death count of the Jurassic Park series to date:
Jurassic Park - 5
The Lost World: Jurassic Park - 6 plus all of the hunters in the field, and the crew of the S.S. Venture that took the T-Rex and its baby to San Diego.
Jurassic Park III - 5

So by with the exception of The Lost World, the deaths in the Jurassic Park series have been pretty low, and most of The Lost World's deaths were mostly off-screen.

Of course, as Jurassic World will be a 12A certificate, they'll be keeping the gory killings to a minimum, but with a park full of Dinosaur-spotting tourists, there are so many more potential casualties than previous JP films.

5. References to the previous films

We've already been told that the T-Rex from the first film will feature, battle-scarred from her fight with the Raptors at the end.

We'd love to see more shout-outs to what's come before, perhaps a quick joke about how they had to change the door handles so the raptors couldn't open them, or Mr DNA appearing on the opening presentation to new guests.

6. The return of Biosyn

Biosyn is a name that might not mean much to even the most hardcore JP fan, but they were InGen’s bio-tech rivals that paid Dennis Nedry to steal dino embryos.

Unfortunately for them, Nedry upset a poison-spitting Dilophosaurus resulting in his demise, but what became of Biosyn’s industrial espionage?

We’d like to see them crop up again in just to add more grief to Jurassic World’s issues with a runaway engineered super predator.

7. Herbivores vs. Carnivores

In the JP universe where we’ve only ever seen carnivore-on-carnivore fights, which – don’t get us wrong – is wonderful, but what about the dinosaurs who’ve had millions of years of evolution to protect themselves from blood-thirsty carnivores?

We’ve love to see the legendary T-Rex from the first film take on a Triceratops with its horny face, or a Stegosaurs with its spiky tail, maybe as a little side story amongst all the Indominus Rex slaughtering everything in its way.


So that's our thougths, tell us in the comments below what you'd most like to see from the dinosaur extravaganza

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