The 5 films that you need to watch in June

  • The 5 films that you need to watch in June

Summer is finally making its presence felt, which gives you the perfect opportunity to go and sit in a dark, air conditioned room.

What films can you look forward to hitting cinemas this June? Lots of great releases, that's what.

So, let us provide you with the films that you need to check out in the cinema this month...

1. Minions - 26 June

The small, yellow, dungaree-clad Minions have broken free from Despicable Me and now have their own movie.

Three Minions - Kevin, Stuart and Bob go on a road trip to a villain convention to find a new supervillain to henchmen for.

They see the glamorous Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock), and compete for the right to become her minions.

Adored by children and their merchandise-buying parents alike, Minions is expected to sweep up at the box office and potentially stake its claim as the biggest family film of the year.

2. Jurassic World - 12 June

What more is there left to say about the hugely-anticipated dinosaur follow-up?

The park is open for business, but dwindling visitor numbers prompt the park's scientists to unwisely genetically engineer a deadly new dinosaur named the Indominus Rex, which then goes on a rampage and puts the entire park's population in peril.

With Hollywood 'man of the moment' Chris Pratt in the 'Alan Grant role', and co-written and directed by Safety Not Guarranteed's Colin Trevorrow, the fourth film in the series comes 14 years after the disappointing Jurassic Park 3, so has a lot of pressure to perform.

3. Spy - 5 June

Melissa McCarthy is once again set to hit comedy gold as she teams up with writer/director Paul Feig, whom she's already scored with in The Heat and Bridesmaids (and is lined up for the Ghostbusters reboot).

McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a mild-mannered CIA desk analyst who dreams of entering the shady world of espionage, and gets her chance when the CIA's target knows the identity of all its agents.

With a smorgasbord of A-listers, including Rose Byrne, Jude Law and Jason Statham, with the proven track record of the McCarthy-Feig comedy stylings, Spy could well be the funniest film of the summer.

4. Mr. Holmes - 19 June

Sir Ian McKellan stars as the legendary fictional consulting detective Sherlock Holmes at 93, when he's long since given up chasing Mortiarty and reflects on his life and looks after his bees.

Faced with his once-brilliant mind fading away, he revisits the circumstances of an unsolved case that forced him into retirement, and searches for clues to finally solve it.

With its unhurried pace, it won't have the action and violence of the Robert Downey Jr. version, and is inspired by the 2005 Sherlock novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin.

5. Insidious Chapter 3

Writer of the first two Insidious chapters (as well as Saw), Leigh Whannell is making his directorial debut with the third instalment of the horror series.

A prequel set before the Lambert family's haunting, gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly contacts the dead to help teenager Quinn Brenner, who is being targeted by dangerous supernatural spirits.

While it won't divert too far from the tried-and-tested formula, this will keep fright fans topped up on jump scares and terror, at least until Sinister or another Paranormal Activity comes out.

Also worth seeing in June:

Survivor - 5 June

Milla Jovovich plays an American embassy officer in London who must stop a terrorist attack on NYC on NYE, while trying to clear her name having been framed for crimes she didn't commit.

Entourage - 19 June

Expect cameos aplenty as Vince, E, Turtle and Drama are back, and super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold has a project that will see Vince make his directorial debut.

Slow West - 26 June

Michael Fassbender stars as the unsettling and mysterious outlaw named Silas, who accompanies 16-year-old Jay as he journeys across 19th Century frontier America to find the woman he loves, in this tense thriller.

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