The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in September

  • The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in September

We are entering September, which means summer is over and we're ushering in the colder autumn weather - the perfect excuse to head to a nice air-conditioned cinema.

You will certainly be rewarded if you do, as this month sees a whole host of exciting and varied films, just like...

Sausage Party - 2nd September

Seth Rogen and writing pal Evan Goldberg bring us the most adult animated film since the South Park movie, and it all began with them brainstorming silly titles for movies.

Frank, a sausage, must warn his grocery store food friends when he leaves the comfort of the supermarket, only to discover that his fellow food folk get diced, sliced, cooked and eaten.

A whole host of comedy stars lend their voices to this foul-mouthed Pixar send-up, including James Franco, Jonah Hill, Salma Hayek and Paul Rudd which could help to make it the funniest and most inappropriate movie in years.

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Bridget Jones's Baby - 16th September

Bridget is back! Her happy ending to Mark Darcy didn't go to plan, as a forty-something Bridget now finds herself single and decides to focus on her career.

In an unlikely twist, she finds herself pregnant, but the problem is that the father of her baby is either Mark, or a dashing American that swaggered into Bridget's life.

Apart from Hugh Grant, all of the previous films' major stars and director Sharon Maguire - director of the first Bridget Jones - return, while Grey's Anatomy star plays the suave Jack Qwant, and if things go right, the six-year gap in between Bridget films will feel well worth the wait.

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The Girl With All The Gifts - 23rd September

M.R. Carey's (Mike, not Mariah) 2014 future dystopian novel The Girl with All the Gifts has been adapted by Peaky Blinders director Colm McCarthy for the big screen, with the likes of Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close and Paddy Considine in the cast.

Set in the near future, a zombie outbreak, caused by a fungus, has left the UK in tatters, with the survivors living in a heavily-fortified London with scientists trying to come up with a cure for the zombie fungus.

Studying a small group of children who have been infected but are able to retain their mental functions, one of the scientists must embark on a survival journey with a special child.

When it was released, Carey announced that his book had already been turned into a screenplay with a movie deal in place, and if the film manages to capture the ideas in Carey's critically acclaimed story, then we're in for a great and innovative take on the zombie genre.

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The Magnificent Seven - 23rd September

The unexpected remake has been planned since 2012, but it took another couple of years for the planning to develop, and cast the likes of Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington and Vincent D'Onofrio as some of the members of The Magnificent Seven.

True Detective supremo Nic Pizzolatto co-wrote the screenplay, while Training Day and Southpaw filmmaker Antoine Fuqua sits behind the camera for the tale of the famous septet of gunslingers, outlaws and Native American warriors who protect an Old West town from a violent industrialist.

With this year's remakes being a mixed bag (with the likes of The Jungle Book, Ghostbusters and Point Break), The Magnificent Seven certainly has the star-power to turn out a great, fun, action-packed adventure.

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - 30th September

Tim Burton's take on the 2011 bestseller from Ransom Riggs about the strict but caring Miss Peregrine, headmistress of the home full of children with very special abilities - think a Victorian version of the X-Men.

With Eva Green playing Miss Peregrine, Tim Burton brings us another unmistakable dark fantasy children's film, continuing on from the likes of Frankenweenie, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With the book already boasting an army of pre-teen fans, and Tim Burton set to deliver more magic, this will be a fantastical and highly-successful movie.

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Also out in September

Captain Fantastic - 9th September

A heart-warming tale of a father who raises his six children in the wilderness, who is forced to bring his kids into the world.

Blair Witch - 16th September

A brother of one of the original Blair Witch teenagers head to the same haunted woods armed with video cameras in an explosion of horror nostalgia.

The Infiltrator - 16th September

Bryan Cranston takes on famed drug emperor Pablo Escobar as a customs official who investigates the Colombian's money-laundering scheme.

Imperium - 23rd September

Daniel Craig is a bright FBI agent who goes undercover in a white supremacy terrorist group, only to struggle to find the balance between his real and undercover lives while infiltrating the group.

The Free State of Jones - 30th September

Civil War drama as Matthew McConaughey plays a Confederate army deserter who leads an uprising of rebels and former slaves against the corrupt Confederate generals.

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