The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in February

  • The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in February

With some awards season well and truly among us, it's only a matter of time before we're facing down the barrell of the summer blockbusters.

That doesn't mean we're in the middle of a baron season for big releases - far from it - as these five films coming out in February goes to show...

Trumbo - 5 February

Harking back to 1940s Hollywood, and the true life tale of renowned screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

At in the growing distrust of the Cold War, Spartacus writer Trumbo is accused of being a Communist and blacklisted from Hollywood.

In recent years, Bryan Cranston has firmly established himself as one of Hollywood’s finest actors and his take on the ostracised Hollywood screenwriter is expected to be up to his usual remarkable standard.

Deadpool  - 12 February

Think all superhero films these days are the same? The foul-mouthed 'Merc with a Mouth' Deadpool is set to shatter all your notions about clean-cut superheroes.

A former Special Forces operative is subjected to an experiment to heal his cancer, which leaves him hideously deformed, but with accelerated healing powers, and he adopts the red-suited alter ego of Deadpool.

One of Marvel's favourite characters due to his fourth wall-breaking, foul-mouthed approach, if the Deadpool film turns out like the comics, then it will be the most un-PC, funniest and exciting superhero film of all time.

Zoolander 2 - 12 February

Derek and his Blue Steel and Magnum poses are back as the dim-witted model joins up with rival-turned-colleague Hansel.

A series of celebrity deaths point to another modelling industry conspiracy, and it is up to our not-so-bright investigators to get to the bottom of it.

With a star-studded cast and cameos galore, the sequel is shaping up to be better than the original (which came out 15 years ago), as we are all hoping for not another Anchorman 2 disappointment.

Grimsby - 26 February

Sacha Baron Cohen returns to our screens, and this time he's upset the good people of Grimsby with his performance of a moronic football hooligan from the coastal town.

When a MI5 agent is forced to go into hiding, he teams up with his long-lost brother to help him go on the run, of course things don't go to plan, with +hilarious+ consequences.

With the much-hyped comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen is set to return to form after The Dictator didn't live up to the standard he'd set himself with Borat and Bruno.

Concussion - 12 February

Will Smith notably missed out on an Oscar nomination for his performance as Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist who diagnosed CTE - a brain trauma found in NFL players.

Dr. Omalu fought doggedly against the NFL bigwigs to have his discovery recognised, safety standards changed and compensation doled out to former players who were suffering from the disease.

Smith can turn on the drama, as we've seen with The Pursuit of Happyness (yes, it's spelt that way, not a typo) and Seven Pounds and with his performance widely praised, although snubbed by the Oscars panel, it could be another touchdown in Will Smith's filmography (American Football reference).

Also out in February

Goosebumps -  5 February

Horror writer R.L. Stein's creations are set free on his hometown in this fun, monster-fuelled nostalgia trip.

Gods of Egypt - 26 February

An epic tale of a young thief, aided by the powerful Horus, attempt to rescue his love from the merciless god of darkness.

Pride And Prejudice and Zombies - 12 February

An undead take on the classic Jane Austen novel, expect gore, blood, fun and lashings of violence.

Secret In Their Eyes - 26 February

A team of FBI investigators is torn apart when one of their teenage daughters is brutally murdered in this tense crime thriller.

Triple 9 - 19 February

Action-packed crime drama sees a gang of criminals plan their biggest heist, with plenty of star power to back it up.

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