The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in April

  • The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in April

This month is a big one for films, we have a live-action of a Disney classic which may/may not ruin your childhood, more superheroes going at it and an unlikely sporting hero.

So dig in for the films that you should be dolling out your cash to the cinema box office to watch this month.

The Jungle Book - 15th April

Baloo, King Louis and Shere Khan return to cinemas, but not as the brightly coloured animations that millions of kids will remember all the way back to its release in 1967, but as live-action animals... animals that talk.

With a cast list bristling with some of Hollywood's finest, including Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley and Scarlett Johansson, and introducing Neel Sethi as man-cub Mowgli, if this turns out as well as the much-loved Disney classic, then this could be the best children's film of the year.

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Eddie the Eagle - 1st April

A heart-warming tale about the British ski jump hopeful who made it to the 1988 Winter Olympics, despite the public ridicule being lobbed his way by everyone.

Kingsman star Taron Edgerton plays the bespectacled unlikely sporting hero, while Hugh Jackman plays his cynical, alcoholic coach.

If you're looking for a feel-good flick along the lines of Cool Runnings (who also competed at the 1988 games) then this is the ticket.

Captain America: Civil War - 29th April


After the relative disappointment that Batman v Superman provided for cinemagoers, it's now Marvel's turn to throw their top superheroes into a mega battle against each other.

The government attempts to push through a new bill that holds superheroes accountable for their actions - which Captain America objects while Tony Stark supports - which causes a rift between the once-allies, prompting an all-out war between some of Marvel's most notable faces.

Throwing together most of the Avengers, plus adding some new superheroes is a big bet for Marvel, but if it pays off (which we're expecting it will), then it may be Marvel's biggest and best film to date.

Eye in the Sky - 15th April

Helen Mirren plays the lead in this thriller about drone warfare which also features Aaron Paul and the late Alan Rickman in the last live-action role before his death.

Mirren plays Col. Powell, an officer in charge of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya who causes an international dispute when a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone which reaches the very top of the US and British governments.

With drone warfare a massive hot button topic at the moment, Eye in the Sky gives a new spin on the wartime political thriller and with some incredible performances, including a reminder of just how good Alan Rickman was.

The Huntsman: Winter's War

A sequel to the incredibly successful dark fantasy action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, which sees the returning Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth joined by newcomers Emily blunt and Jessica Chastain.

Learning of Ravenna's demise (in the previous film), Freya, the Ice Queen brings back the Magic Mirror and resurrects Ravenna and prepare to conquer the land.

It is up to Eric the Huntsman, and his forbidden lover Sara to stop them from their reign of terror.

Expect lashings of the type of YA fantasy that has teens queueing around the block, which helped the first movie to gross nearly $400 million... same again?


Jane Got a Gun - 22nd April

Natalie Portman gets in on the Western revival as a woman whose husband is threatened by an outlaw gang and must to turn to her ex-lover to save her family.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - 22nd April

Tina Fey's war 'dramedy' abut a war correspondent facing discrimination, danger and romantic interest as she tries to report on the war in Afghanistan.

Demolition - 29th April

The ever-impressive Jake Gyllenhaal plays a successful investment banker whose life comes crumbling around him when he loses his wife in a car accident.

Criminal - 15th April

A star-studded cast show up as the memories and skills of a recently-diseased CIA agent are implanted into a dangerous convict, with violent and expected results.

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