17 fantastic recut film trailers

The good people of the internet seemingly have no end to their creativity.

For instance, video editors have taken their film-chopping skills and remade trailers for classic films.

Only they haven't done conventional trailers, they've actually used the footage to change its genre into virtually-unrecognisable new films - horror to rom-com, family flick to psychological thriller.


Mrs. Doubtfire as a psychological thriller


The more you think about a man dressing up as an elderly Scottish nanny to see his the children that he's been denied custody, the more it makes sense that Mrs. Doubtfire works as an unsettling movie.


The Shining as a romantic comedy


If only Jack hadn't been possessed into a murderous rage, we probably would have had this fun, lighter version of The Shining.


Frozen as a horror


All of the children that love Elsa wouldn't be so keen on Frozen if it had come out like this.


Mary Poppins as a horror movie


In all fairness, Mary Poppins does had some vaguely unsettling moment, this trailer just ramps up the scares.


2001: A Space Odyssey as a modern blockbuster


Add an industrial techno soundtrack and quick cut edits and you have a blockbuster to rival Interstellar or Elysium (actually... much better than Elysium).


Back to the Future as a horror


If Doc Brown wasn't so good at manipulating the space-time continuum, he'd be a scary old man who does unusual 'experiments' - just like in this trailer.


The Ring as a tearjerker


Only seven days to live? Stick a rising, dramatic soundtrack behind it and you have a tearjerker to rival P.S I Love You or The Notebook.


The Hangover as a Horror


There is something vaguely threatening about Alan, what with all the slipping roofies into his friends drinks. 

Unusually they don't seem all that phased about his actions, whereas this trailer brings his true horror to light.


The Dark Knight as a Romantic Comedy


While not dessing as a bat man and fighting the city's criminals, Bruce Wayne just wants to get the girl.


The Terminator as a chick flick


Sarah Connor has two men fighting over her, one is her unborn son's second-in-comand, the other is a cybernetic organism sent back in time to kill her.

Decisions, decisions...


Full Metal Jacket as a feelgood movie


Sergeant Hartman's obsession with the failings of Private Gormer Pyle could be viewed as inspirational and heart-warming as Dead Poets Society.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a modern day blockbuster


Some dramatic music, a few inception-style BWAAAARGH and some dramatic cuts turn this slapstick King Arthur retelling into a historical blockbuster.


Uncle Buck as a horror


Slobbish Uncle Buck becomes the nightmare babysitter thanks to the help of unsettling music and quick cuts.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off as a serial killer movie


Using Don LaFontaine's voiceover from the actual Friday the 13th trailers, Ferris, Cameron and Sloane's day of skipping school turns into Ferris the 13thwith Ed Rooney as the grinning serial killer.


The Big Lebowksi as a tearjerker


They're just three guys who want to bowl, but when Donny has a heart attack, he leaves The Dude and Walter with a massive hole in their lives.


Toy Story as a horror


This film gives us a longer view at what Sid had to go through, those toys can be terrifying.


The Fellowship of the Ring as a Wes Anderson film


Put the adventures of Middle Earth to an upbeat soundtrack and maybe throw Bill Murray in, and you have a quirky Wes Anderson retelling of The Lord of the Rings.

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