10 'versus' films we'd much rather watch than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • 10 'versus' films we'd much rather watch than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

With two of film's most legendary superheroes going against each other, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - released this week - is one of the mostly hotly-anticipated films of the year.

But surely there are films that would have two characters slugging it out that everyone would much rather see.

Here are 10 'versus' films that we'd be tripping over ourselves to watch. Plus, pick your winner from each bout...

Tyler Durden v Mickey from Snatch

Two of Brad Pitt's most famous character, one is the founder of Fight Club, in which men gather to beat the heck out of each other, which then expands into the guerrilla terrorist organisation Project Mayhem.

The other is a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion, which means he is "harder than a coffin nail" - both are no strangers to using their fists and both are a bit unhinged in the violence department.



John Doe v Hannibal Lecter

Two very unsettling and disturbing serial killers, Se7en's John Doe viciously killed (at least) six people to match his view of the seven deadly sins, which included torturing a man for over a year, as well as cutting off the head of a detective's wife.

Silence of the Lambs' Hannibal Lecter is a forensic psychiatrist who kills and eats people in extremely fiendish and terrifying ways - but who will get the upper hand in the battle of wits between two brilliant and calculating serial killers?



Maximus v Leonidas

Two of film's finest ancient fighters, Maximus Decimus Meridius is a general in the Roman army whose wife and son are killed and he is forced to become a slave and fight in the Coliseum to gain his freedom.

Sparta's King Leonidas I is the furious fighting leader of the ab-tastic 300 Spartan troops which go into battle against the massive Persian army and their god-king Xerses - both supremely skilled at fighting and warfare, this will be a tough fight to the death.



Freddy Krueger v Inception team

The claw-gloved, burnt faced villain is one of the most iconic images in horror films, having being burnt to death after being a nasty piece of work, he becomes a stripey jumper-wearing demon who is able to enter the dreams of teenagers and kill them.

Dom Cobb's carefully selected team are also well versed in jumping into dreams, using their skills to enter shared dream worlds to extract information and implant ideas.

Whose dream infiltrating skills are the most powerful, and who would end up on top?



Han Solo v Indiana Jones

Swashbuckling space captain goes up against swashbuckling archaeologist in Harrison Ford's (and possibly any Hollywood actor) two greatest roles.

Han Solo is the cocksure pilot of the Millennium Falcon who did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, an incredible feat; while Indy battles Nazis, native tribes and booby traps to go rooting around in old temples for mysterious and highly coveted artefacts.

Indy's whip and gun goes up against Han's blaster (which may or may not have shot first) in a truly epic battle... as long as it was before they both got too old and creaky.



Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) v Django v Jules Winnfield

A titanic Tarantino battle if ever there was one: three of Tarantino's most-violent and popular characters in a three way dance.

The Bride was trained by some of the finest and deadliest mentors, while former slave Django was trained by a bounty hunter masquerading as a dentist.

Who knows who Jules was trained by? Someone with a flair for the dramatic, if his pre-execution bible verse monologue is anything to go by.



Gordon Gekko v Jordan Belforte

Two of Wall Street's most conniving and power-hungry investment bankers go toe-to-toe in a bid to outsmart, outplay and out-invest each other.

Legendary Wall Street player Gordon Gekko would stop at nothing - including breaking the law - to make an extra dollar or million, meanwhile Jordan Belforte, based on the real life trader, indulged in a decadent lifestyle filled with drugs, prostitutes and plenty of illegal goings on which makes him an FBI target.

Which trader is the most ruthless? Which will do 'whatever it takes'?



Nemo v Flounder

The two most adorable fish from children's films, clownfish Nemo, with one smaller fin, gets into all manner of hijinks and adventures when he is captured by scuba divers, prompting his father into an epic journey to track him down.

Blue and yellow tropical fish Flounder from The Little Mermaid is Ariel's best friend as he helps her in her pursuit of Prince Eric, despite disapproving of her striking a deal with sea monster Ursula.

Both fish have a lot of heart, which one will triumph in the end?



Jack Torrance v Norman Bates

Unhinged murderers, Jack Torrance's weapon of choice is an axe, Norman Bates' is a carving knife and his mother's clothes.

Jack Torrance is driven crazy by the spirits and solitude of The Overlook Hotel, prompting him to try and kill his wife and son; meanwhile Norman Bates lives in the Bates Motel with the mummified corpse of his mother and he's just plain mental to begin with.

With both being crazed and violent, this one would make an interesting match-up to see just who is the most maniacal murderer.



Cher Horowitz v Elle Woods

The battle of the ditzy rich girls: Clueless' Cher is the sweet-but-spoiled Valley girl, the queen of her high school with a good heart who tries to boost the popularity of a new pupil, which is very commendable considering she has tons of money and servants.

Meanwhile, Legally Blonde's Elle Woods is a sorority president who studies to become a lawer at Harvard Law School, and despite her love of all things pink and her naive, ditzy behaviour, Elle makes an unexpectedly good lawyer.

Which one would come out on top when these two girl girls went up against each other?



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