10 upcoming remakes and sequels that nobody asked for

  • 10 upcoming remakes and sequels that nobody asked for

Hollywood is going crazy for remakes, reboots and sequels at the moment - so far in 2016, we've already had Creed, Zoolander 2, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Jungle Book and the all-female Ghostbusters to name just a couple.

The remake frenzy is only getting stronger with a deluge of upcoming sequels and remakes, including many that no-one wanted, just like...

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Coming out after Scream had revitalised the horror genre in 1996, IKWYDLS (to give it a clunky acronym) managed to gross over $125 million despite being a fairly run-of-the-mill slasher, albeit one with rising stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Ryan Phillipe playing the main characters.

Now, the 'powers that be' at Sony are pushing ahead with a remake; in 2014 they labelled an IKWYDLS remake as a high-priority for a 2016 release (which has shown no signs of fruition).

With all of the horror movie reboots from the past few years - including A Nightmare on Elm StreetHalloween and The Thing - studios seem to be obsessed with reboot classic horror films, and not-so-classic ones too.

Not very many people are going to be nostalgic for the average slasher flick, and hardly anyone is going to be excited about seeing a remake of a bland '90s slasher.

9. The Naked Gun

Leslie Nielsen’s daft 1988 spoof of hard-boiled police dramas has gone on to become one of the most-loved comedy movies of all time.

With two (lesser-loved) sequels, bumbling detective Frank Drebin is the greatest character the late Leslie Nielsen played and no actor would be able to fill his calamitous shoes.

Enter The Hangover's Ed Helms, fresh from ruining popular '80s comedy film series Vacation with the disappointing 2015 remake, who is set to be the main star of popular '80s comedy film series The Naked Gun remake.

In March 2015, Helms explained that the new version wouldn't be like the original, stating: "You have to make something that a contemporary audience is going to like. We haven’t seen many of those slapstick movies in a while."

We bet people will be itching to see a middling generic comedy that will ruin another much-loved film series.

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8. Ocean's Eight

Everyone was surprised that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy and Saturday Night Live cast members Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were able to successfully remake Ghostbusters despite fearing that the comedy stars would make a pig's ear of the '80s classic.

Which means that now Hollywood are going to dispense with making original films when they can just remake previously successful films, but with women in the main roles instead.

Warner Bros. took a look at male-driven films, plucking Ocean's Eleven from the barrel and setting to work on an all-female Ocean's 8 and hitting up Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter, among others, to star.

With the last movie, Ocean's Thirteen coming out in 2007, it's less than a decade since the ending of the trilogy, the reaction to the announcement has seen fans saying: "What? Really? What's the point?"

7. San Andreas 2

Dwayne Johnson starred in 2015's San Andreas as a helicopter pilot who ditches his job in one of the most cataclysmic global disasters in human history, as the San Andreas Fault causes an earthquake and with help from the subsequent tidal wave, destroys most of California.

The hardest-working man in Hollywood has added the San Andreas sequel to his already packed schedule, alongside returning stars Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, and Paul Giamatti.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, as expected for a sequel, everything is bigger and badder, as the disasters are set to destroy the rest of the world:

"Plot details for the sequel are expanding the disaster locales by going global, focusing on the infamous Ring of Fire. The ring circles the Pacific Ocean with fault lines and volcanoes and according to scientists is home to about 90 percent of the worlds’ earthquakes."

With no most details still unconfirmed, San Andreas 2 may not see a release until 2018 or 2019, but expect another unmemorable disaster film, like Twister or Volcano or whatever.

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6. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

The bodacious teens, played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, are set to return to their time-travelling ways 20 years after they aced their history presentation with the help of famous historical faces.

Winter and Reeves have confirmed they are returning to the characters and told The Sun back in April that the film is going to have a 'huge British feel'.

"The script is already written for the third film and much of it is set in the UK," the pair explained, "they’ll time-travel through London and meet historical figures, meaning the Queen and Winston Churchill could get cameos."

With original Bill & Ted 1 and 2 writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon having written the new script, there's a chance that this could be a radical adventure, but we'd rather they just kept the characters back in the early '90s.

5. Lucy 2

Luc Besson's overblown sci-fi guff about a young woman who is involuntarily injected with a drug that allows her to use 100% of her brain, turning her into a gosh darn superhero.

Grossing close to $500 million, Lucy was one of 2014's surprise hits and a sequel was announced last year.

Director Luc Besson stated on the film's release in 2014: “I don’t see how we can do one. It’s not made for that. If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now, I don’t even think about it.”

So the Fifth Element director will have to get thinking hard about how he can make a new story for Lucy, considering [spoiler] that she turned herself into a USB stick at the climax of the first film.

4. Jumanji

All of the '90s kids closed their Buzzfeed articles in rage when they heard that Sony were rebooting the classic magnificent Robin Williams jungle board game adventure.

While Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who signed on to star, are both huge Hollywood names at the moment, the pair will have to do something very special for fans to deem them worthy substitutes for Robin Williams.

As The Rock stated in an Instagram post: "we will honour his name and the character of 'Alan Parrish' will stand alone and be forever immortalized in the world of Jumanji in an earnest and cool way."

Jack Black and Nick Jonas have also joined the cast, which could see the Jumanji remake - due out in summer 2017 - lean too heavily on the comedy aspect in a bid to match the irreplaceable comic talent of Williams.

At least we'll have better CGI animals, as the 1995 jungle creatures, which looked great at the time, haven't really stood the test of time.

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3. Mary Poppins Returns

Since it was released in 1964, Mary Poppins has been delighted generations of children with jumping into paintings, chimney sweep dancing, and bizarre, extended, fun-to-say words.

Now, to ruin all of those many childhood memories, Disney are working on a Mary Poppins sequel, with Emily Blunt picking up the extraordinarily deep carpet bag and weird parrot umbrella to play the magical nanny.

Taking place in Depression-era London, Mary Poppins comes back to visit a grown-up Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael's three children in order to help the family recover their joy after a personal loss.

With Ben Whishaw in talks to play Michael Banks, whatever Disney do with the film, it's likely to result in rage and disappointment for adults of all ages.

2. Memento

Memento, Christopher Nolan's mind-bending, back-to-front tale of revenge and memory loss, catapulted the director into fame and landed him Batman Begins, which, in turn, made him a bonafide directorial superstar.

But 16 years after Memento hit cinemas to unexpected success, production company AMBI Pictures are set to remake the psychological thriller.

AMBI Pictures, run by Italians Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, acquired the remake rights to the library of Exclusive Media Group, which also includes Cruel Intentions, Donnie Darko and Sliding Doors.

Having eyed-up Memento as the first of their legacy-destroying remakes, Iervolino ensured fans that the remake would “stay true to Christopher Nolan’s vision and deliver a memorable movie that is every bit as edgy, iconic and award-worthy as the original”.

1. Scarface

Al Pacino's portrayal of the rise and fall of Tony Montana is one of the finest in film history and the unhinged Cuban immigrant is one of film's greatest antiheroes.

The 1983 classic was actually a remake of a 1932 version, and is set to be remade once again, as Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is eyeing up the chance to improve (or at least, not ruin) Brian DePalma's violent, blood-soaked epic.

With talk swirling around that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to put on a Cuban accent to play Tony, the remake may turn out to be quite good, but is still a remake that nobody asked for.

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