10 things you (probably) didn't know about Mrs Doubtfire

Can you believe it has been 21 years since Mrs Doubtfire arrived in UK cinemas?

That's right, the charming story of a man who cross dresses as an elderly Scottish woman to become the nanny of his children because he's denied custody is old enough to buy alcohol in America, or legally adopt a child in the UK.

So to celebrate, here are ten things that you may not have known about Mrs Doubtfire:

1. Robin Williams revealed that to test how convincing the Mrs Doubtfire outfit was, he visited a San Francisco sex shop in full make-up and tried to buy a sex toy.

The man behind the counter was about to sell it to him when he realised that she was Robin Williams, and said “What are you doing here?"

2. Because of Robin Williams' reputation for improvisation, director Chris Columbus viewed shooting these scenes as if he were making a documentary film.

Columbus would use two or three cameras at a time, when shooting Robin Williams' scenes, uncertain of what he would come up with.

3. The scene where Daniel knocks down the prosthetic mask and it goes flying out into the street, required over 50 takes.


4. According to Director Chris Columbus, Robin Williams improvised so much that there were PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 (the American equivalent of U, 12A, 15 and 18) edits of the film.

Columbus explained that the film was always intended to be released with a PG rating.

5. The scene where Mrs Doubtfire offers the social worker a few dollops of cream in her tea wasn’t in the script.

Mrs Doubtfire cake

The studio lights were so hot that it caused the cream to melt off his face, so Robin just carried on filming and ad-libbing the scene.


6. Stu was originally scripted to be an arrogant villain but Chris Columbus felt that it hurt the relationship with Mrs. Doubtfire.

Stu was re-written to be more the perfect potential replacement for a father for the kids.

7. It took Robin Williams four and a half hours every day to transform into Mrs Doubtfire in make-up.

8. Blake Lively was considered for the role of Natalie Hillard and made it to the final round of auditions between her and Mara Wilson.

Blake Lively


9. Talk of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel had been brewing for a decade and a script for the sequel had been written

Robin Williams believed that the script, written by Jerry Maguire, Beethoven and Jumaji screenwriter Bonnie Hunt was useless.

It was then announced in 2014 that Christopher Columbus and Williams were reuniting and moving ahead with the sequel, only for it to be cancelled after Williams' death.

The plot to the sequel was said to involve Mrs. Doubtfire moving near her daughter’s college so she could keep an eye on her.

10. The producers fired the original screenwriter because of an "unhappy" ending, where the parents do not get back together.

After several re-writes, with a different, "happy" ending, they realized that the original ending was, in fact, better. They re-hired the original writer and went back to the original ending.

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