The 10 horror films coming out in 2016 that will scare you silly

  • The 10 horror films coming out in 2016 that will scare you silly

If you like being scared silly in the cinema at the hands of a serial killer, supernatural force or... shaky camerawork, then you're in luck, 2016 has lashings of horror fun coming out throughout the year.

We've picked out the most horific, pant-wettingly terrifying flicks for you to choose, so prepare yourself for...

10. The Green Inferno - 12 February

Horror maestro Eli Roth takes inspiration from the notorious Cannibal Holocaust and the Italian 'cannibal boom' in the '70s and '80s, with The Green Inferno, which follows a group of college students who travel to the South America to stop logging crews destroying the rainforest.

Their bid to save the homes and lives of ancient indigenous tribes somewhat backfires as they are seized by a tribe who imprisons them with intentions to kill, sacrifice and eat the group.

With Roth behind the camera, you can't expect lashing of blood to be flying around the screen, loads of scares and, if you're a big horror film, a good fun horror.

9. Ouija 2 - 21 October

The 2014 Ouija was a big hit, grossing over $100 million with its tale of a group of friends investigating an Ouija board, only for things to go terrifying bad when they contact spirits.

Set to return for Halloween this year, a second Ouija will follow roughly the same story that was such a success the first time around but with a whole new cast of characters.

8. Rings - 1 April

Both Japanese and American versions of The Ring terrified audiences, and kick-started the trend for US J-horror remakes, the American sequel went down similarly well to the Blair Witch sequel.

But Samara is back, despite no-one having used a video tape in real life for about a decade, with Rings, starring Aimee Teegarden and the not-typecast-in-any-way Johnny Galecki playing a college professor.

There are very little details about Rings on the internet, which, considering it will be coming out in a few months isn't the best sign for one of the more well-known movie series on this list.

7. The Girl with All the Gifts

Based on the award-winning short story by former DC and Marvel comics writer M.R. Carey, The Girl with All the Gifts features acting talent of the calibre of Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close and Paddy Considine.

Set in England in the near future, humankind has been infected with a fungus that turns them into zombies. 

Desperate to find a cure, the few suriving members study the second-generation hybrid children, when one of the children is selected for dissection, the head scientist embarks on a desperate bid to save her life.

With the zombie craze showing no signs of slowing, with a strong cast and unusual take on the zombie story, this could be the most interesting horror of the year.

6. The Boy - 22 January

The Boy sees a young American woman take a job as a nanny in a small English village, only the 8-year-old boy she will be caring for died 20 years earlier, and they have replaced him a life-sized doll as a way to cope.

The nanny is given a list of strict rules for caring for the doll, but once she breaks them, she becomes the victim of disturbing and nightmarish events.

With an especially creepy doll, a big creaky old house and lots of mysterious goings-on, this thriller has all the ingredients for a fantastically frightening flick.

5. The Purge 3 - 15 July

After the success of the first two sci-fi action thriller horror (amongst other things) Purge films, a third one will be coming out this summer.

We've all seen the carnage that the 12-hour 'all crime is legal' idea causes, but the third Purge films goes back to the very beginning, showing us what happened during the first-ever Purge.

James DeMarco, writer and director of the first two Purge films, will return but with a steadying decrease in star names, all the stops will have to be pulled out to match the quality and box office results of the first two.

4. A Cure for Wellness - 23 September

Dane DeHaan (of Life and the forgettable Green Goblin from The Amazing Spider-Man 2) takes the lead in this film which sees him as an employee of a company whose boss has gone to a European 'wellness spa' and is tasked with bringing him home.

Only the thing is, the 'wellness spa' isn't a 'wellness spa' and is something far more sinister, with Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) playing the facility's director with crazy dark designs.

With the whole 'Europe is a dangerous place' idea that Hostel played up, the 'wellness spa that isn't' idea sounds like it might be a well-worn path, but the supernatural horror has many possibilities to provide ghastly new shocks and scares.

3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - 11 February

Adapted from the cult classic parody book, adding zombies to Jane Austen's classic, by Seth Gragame-Smith who also brought us the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

With a host of bright young English acting talent including Lily James, Douglas Booth and Sam Riley, it tells the tale of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, lovers who forge a tangled relationship and outrage due to their different social classes... while slaying hoards of the undead that have overrun England.

While some may view it as a gimmick, or campy nonsense, but the horror-comedy is lining up to be the most fun, blood-soaked, zombie-slaying, period drama that you'll see this year... or probably in fact, ever.

2. Patient Zero - 2 September

A zombie flick without zombies, following on from I Am Legend, using an 'infected' rather than undead; this time an outbreak of a mutated form of rabies turns 'The Infected' are turned into a highly-intelligent new species.

Highly-intelligent sounds good right? Apparently it is, so Matt Smith, who has the ability to talk with the 'infected', seeks out a doctor played by Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer to find 'Patient Zero' to find an antidote and save humanity.

With a strong cast, the new take on 'infected' (don't use the "Z" word); this has the potential to be a tense new thriller on the level of 28 Days Later.

1. The Witch - 11 March

In 17th century New England, the infant son of a Puritan's family disappears, prompting their daughter to be accused of witchcraft.

The Witch boasts plenty of suspicion from all characters, a dark forest near the family's home to provide an unsettling stage, and evil forces in action to give you all those classic horror staples.

With some critics branding The Witch the best horror of 2016, it certainly has plenty of expectations after wowing the audience when it debuted at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

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