The 10 funniest, oddest and greatest movie deaths

  • The 10 funniest, oddest and greatest movie deaths

Some movie deaths aren't dignified, gracious or heroic at all, sometimes characters die in the most surprising, underwhelming and comedic fashion.

But which is best? Here is our rundown of the most undignified and funniest movie deaths.

Warning: This is crammed full of spoilers and lots of gore, so you've been warned!

10. Bill Murray calamitous cameo in zombieland

The internet's favourite comedy star escaped the zombie apocalypse by dressing as one of the undead.

Unfortunately his disguise was so good, it fooled a twitchy Jesse Eisenberg, who filled him full of shotgun pellets.

Still, he provided us with a few chuckles on the way out.

9. Cloud Atlas' 'flat and inane ending'

In the Wachowski's 2012 epic century-spanning sci-fi adaptation, a gangster-turned-author takes offence to a critic's harsh review.

When the gangster is faced with the critic and an award show, and gets humiliated, he takes action into his own hands and throws him from a balcony to his blood-splattered end on the pavement far below.

8. Candice's distressing dismount in Final Destination 5

In a film series full of over-the-top death scenes, Candice's gymnastics death from Final Fantasy 5 is head-and-shoulders above the rest.

In the traditional improbably series of events that lead to death 'correcting the order', while on the uneven bars Candice gets a faceful of chalk.

Despite this, she manages a Olympic-level dismount, complete with flips and spins, only to land on her face and upper body, ending up a very graphic pile of bones, skin and blood.

7. Kananga's 'inflated ego' in Live and Let Die

Back before Daniel Craig made Bond all serious and brooding, Roger Moore was doing all manner of crazy stunts as 007, including in the Blaxsploitation influenced Live and Let Die.

One of Q's gadgets for Bond is a shark gun, which kills sharks by inflating them until they explode, which comes in handy Bond faces the film's main villain, Dr. Kananga, a corrupt Caribbean prime minister and drug lord.

In a submerged fight, Bond stuffs one of the inflating shark gun pellets into Kananga's mouth and, seemingly unable to spit it out, Kananga ridiculously inflates and then explodes. This actually happened in a Bond film.

6. Marvin gets a face full of lead in Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece is full of iconic scenes and darkly comedic moments, but none as darkly funny as Vincent blowing Marvin's head off.

After delivering some justice and biblical verses to some no good briefcase stealers, Vincent casually turns to chat to Marvin in the car with his gun pointing at Marvin's face.

Cue a possible road bump and a lot of blood.

5. Everyone gets disected in Ghost Ship

The 2002 horror flick set aboard a haunted ocean liner has been largely forgotten, except that is, for its incredible, Final Destination-rivalling opening scene.

The wealthy passengers are dancing and enjoying themselves, when a wire slices through each and every last member, as the bisected sections slide apart in a delayed and gory fashion - if you only see one mass death scene today, make it this one.

4. "Aim for the bushes" in The Other Guys

Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock suffer one of the (intentional) hilarious deaths in film history in the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy The Other Guys.

The pair are much-loved, maverick cops who - in true action movie style - leave a trail of devastation behind in their pursuit of criminals, only their last case results in an ill-advised high-rise jump as they aim for non-existent bushes.

3. Titanic's propeller pinball

One of the most-loved moments from Titanic wasn't any of the Leo and Kate scenes, rather the time that guy fell from the back of a boat and was sent spinning like a top after clattering into the propeller.

With the story being based a real event, that could have actually happened to some poor fellow, are you still laughing now? Probably.

2. Samuel L. Jackson shouty shocking shark attack

The famous shouty shark attack that came completely out of the (deep) blue.

Samuel L. Jackson is giving a rousing galvanising speech to his fellow survivors of a submerged lab, which has been attacked by genetically enhanced sharks, only to be immediately, and shockingly, gobbled up by one of the large hyper-intelligent sharks.

It remains one of Samuel L. Jackson's funniest, finest, shoutiest and unexpected moments in film.

1. Brad Pitt automobile acrobatics in Meet Joe Black

The 1998 fantasy romance, in which Brad Pitt's character is killed and then has his body inhabited by death, is only remembered for one moment.

That moment is when Brad Pitt's character is sent flying by a van, and then a cab in an unnecessarily exaggerrated death scene in such a supposedly romantic movie.



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