The 10 comedy films that will be tickling your funny bone in 2016

  • The 10 comedy films that will be tickling your funny bone in 2016

This year is going to be a laughter-filled year, due to the fact that we will see a steady stream of top quality comedy movies hitting a cinema near you.

Of course, we'll see a host of sequels and reboots, including Bad Neigbours 2Zoolander 2 and the all-female Ghostbusters.

So here are the 10 original comedy films that we're expecting to be the funniest of 2016:

10. Sausage Party - 12 August

What started off as comedy writing duo Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen wanting to make a film based on the title has now turned into an adult animation featuring some of Hollywood's funniest voices.

When Frank, a sausage, falls out of a shopping trolley, he embarks on a perilous journy through the supermarket to get back to his aisle before the Fourth of July sale.

With the likes of Jonah Hill (as a sausage), Kritsen Wiig (as a hot dog bun), Salma Hayek (as a taco) and Bill Hader (as guacamole), this is lining up as the silliest comedy of 2016.

9. Grimsby -  26 February

Sacha Baron Cohen has already angered the residents of the seaport town with the erroneous portrayals of the townspeople as something out of the pages of Viz Magazine.

Mark Strong plays a British black-ops spy who is forced to team up with his idiotic football hooligan brother played by the Borat star.

With plenty of poking fun at Grimsby, the population of the town won't enjoy it, but there will be some solid gags in there, and we're expecting exciting performances from the likes of Rebel Wilson and Penélope Cruz.

8. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - 22 April

In case you didn't get the title, it's the phonetic alphabet for 'WTF', the comedy war film (because that is a thing) stars Tina Fey (also in the producer's chair) and boasts some incredible comedy talent.

Fey stars as a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Pakistan who develops a crazy relationship with a Scottish journalist, played by Martin Freeman.

With such a recently-occuring war, there's much more opportunities to cause controversy, but Fey and Freeman have Margot Robbie, Billy Bob Thornton and Alfred Molina to help them in what is expected to be a sure-fire hit. 

7. Arms and the Dudes -  26 August

It would seem that comedy war films are all the rage these days as the biographical comedy drama is also set around the war in Afghanistan, while this one has a more dramatic edge than Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Miles Teller and Jonah Hill play two arms dealers who are given a $300 million contract to supply weapons to the US's allies in Afghanistan, but run into trouble at home and abroad.

Based on an article written for Rolling Stone magazine and directed by Todd Phillips - who brought us Old School, Road Trip and the Hangover Trilogy - Arms and the Dudes could be an intense and entertaining war comedy, or a silly slapstick adventure - we'll have to wait and see.

6. The Nice Guys -  3 June

A very, very dark comedy from director and co-writer Shane Black (who has written Lethal Weapon, Long Kiss Goodnight and Iron Man 3) and starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in the world of 1970s LA private detectives.

A down-on-his-luck private eye and burly hired enforcer are forced to work together to solve the case of a missing girl and seemingly unrelated porn star death, making many shocking discoveries along the way.

Crowe and Gosling have already proven their comedy abilities as well as their real acting chops, and it has more than passing similarities to The Big Lebowski, so that's given it some lofty expectations.

5. The Boss - 10 June

Melissa McCarthy's star has been rising in the past few years with Spy, The Heat and Bridesmaids, but 2016 could be her year as she stars in the Ghostbusters reboot and The Boss.

While Ghostbusters will of course be her biggest film this year, but we're expecting The Boss to be just as funny as her other solid gold comedies.

McCarthy plays a 'titan of industry' who is imprisoned for insider trading, and when she is released is determined to become America's new sweetheart, led by an army of girl guides.

4. Why Him? - 11 November

Before Bryan Cranston played the most unlikely drug baron in recent times, he was a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated comedy star in Malcolm and the Middle, and he is set to return to his comedy roots in Why Him? towards the tail end of 2016.

Cranston will play a dad who takes his family to visits his daughter at college, only to find she is dating a brash tech billionaire, played by James Franco.

The two then battle for the daughter's affections, in a comedy co-written and directed by John Hamburg, who was on co-writing duties the Meet the Parents films - so expect similar dad meets new boyfiend/fiance humour.

3. Ab Fab: The Movie - 1 July

Edina and Patsy return for the long-awaited Ab Fab movie which sees the pair living the high life as always, only for a major incident at a fashionable launch party for them to be hounded by the paparazzi and at the centre of a media storm.

Jennifer Saunders is back on writing duties as well as starring alongside Joanna Lumley as the glamourpuss pair, with a host of British celebs including Harry Styles, Kate Moss, Emma Bunton, Joan Collins and more popping up.

With such expectations on the shoulders of Edie and Patsy from a very enthusiastic and loyal fanbase, if Ab Fab delivers, it could be the best British sitcom movie of all time... yes, even better than Mrs. Brown's Boys D'movie.

2. Hail, Caesar! - 4 March

The Coen Brothers have gathered together some of the biggest names in Hollywood for their tribute to the 1950s 'Golden Era' of cinema starring Josh Brolin as Eddie Mannix, a studio fixer who spends his time solving problems and cleaning up for big Hollywood names.

Disaster strikes for Mannix when Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) star of the studio's new Hail, Caesar film disappears.

As it's a Coen Brothers movie, you know the humour will be so dry, you think you wondered into the desert and with stars like Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes, this is not just one of the most-anticipated comedies, but the most-anticipated films of 2016.

1. Life on the Road -  19 August

Everyone's favourite former paper merchant manager has taken his band Foregone Conclusion on tour with his pension to fund the trip, while being filmed for a 'where are they now' type documentary.

Gervais is going it alone in writing the film, for the first time, writing partner Steven Merchant won't be assisting Gervais with Brent after it was reported that the pair had a falling out.

Fans hope that the lack of Merchant and any cast members from The Office won't have a bearing on the final tale, after all it is a film about David Brent, not Gareth, Dawn, Finchy and the rest.

If Gervais gets it right, then the continued musical misadventures could be the best British sitcom movie of all time... even better than Mrs. Brown's Boys D'movie.

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