Andy Serkis open to more Lord of the Rings movies

Andy Serkis might be interested in returning for the upcoming franchise instalments by Warner Bros. and New Line.

Andy Serkis has teased the possibility of returning for more The Lord of the Rings movies.

The British actor, who portrayed the CGI character Gollum via motion capture in Peter Jackson’s original trilogy, has expressed his interest in returning for more films – if Jackson and his team are involved.

“I adore those guys and they are a second family to me,” Serkis told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve spent so many years making films with them. I love their sensibility and their take; it’s filmmaking on a different kind of level. You live and breathe it. And so, yes, if some opportunity were to come up, it would be an amazing thing.”

Warner Bros. and New Line announced in February that they planned on developing new films set in The Lord of the Rings universe’s Third Age, during which Gollum appeared. According to the outlet, Jackson’s writing team are in talks about joining the upcoming project.

Warner Bros. bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy previously assured fans that they aren’t planning a rehash of the original trilogy, but are looking to tell new stories within J. R. R. Tolkien’s universe.

“For all the scope and detail lovingly packed into the two trilogies, the vast, complex and dazzling universe dreamed up by J R R Tolkien remains largely unexplored on film,” they said. “The opportunity to invite fans deeper into the cinematic world of Middle-earth is an honour.”

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