Andrew Semans was floored by Rebecca Hall’s ‘extraordinary’ performance in Resurrection

Rebecca Hall made Andrew Semans’ easier because she knew her character inside and out.

Director Andrew Semans was “continuously” floored by Rebecca Hall’s “extraordinary” performance in Resurrection.

In the psychological thriller, the British actress plays a successful businesswoman whose life unravels when a mysterious man from her past – David, played by Tim Roth – shows up out of the blue.

During an interview with Cover Media, Semans revealed he was blown away by Hall’s depiction of a traumatised woman all day every day on set.

“Rebecca is extraordinary in the film, is extraordinary to work with, she was just an absolute dream,” he said. “We had very little time to shoot this movie, we had no rehearsal, it was a really scrappy independent production and she came in on the first day and on the first take, (she) absolutely nailed it. She was completely committed, was completely prepared.”

The filmmaker shared that Hall made his job easier because she knew her character Margaret inside and out.

“She required very very little direction, she understood this character completely and it just became a situation where we would just turn on the cameras and I would sit at the monitor and really just admire what she was doing,” he praised. “It was such a joy and such a relief. It was made the production – what was a difficult production – it made it so much easier.”

Resurrection was released digitally in the U.K. on Monday 5 December.

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